Lens of Truth: Bayonetta Analysis

Lens of Truth writes, "This week Play n Trade (Lake Mary), supplied the Lens of Truth with retail versions of Bayonetta. After being scrutinized for the demo, the Lens of Truth team decided to hold off until the final version was out, to ensure a complete analysis. Watch the video and read on for our complete findings."

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JOLLY13197d ago

I understand that the ps3 has great first party exclusives, but still. I guess if you never see the 360 version, this is still a good looking game.

rroded3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

certainly playable rented it last week finished it on normal and was pretty disappointed with it. Games story is very weak Bayonatta might have a bit of sex appeal for some but no dept nothing to make one care in the slightest. The action is ala ninga gaigain devil may cry flavor with lots of combos its prob the best part of the game tho heavy button smashing is all u need to get thru most of it... Story is epicly poor and since this is sega chances are she's really a trany.
Graphics are pretty average nothing really compaired to the likes of RC Unchated or KZ2.
Replay value is nil unless your a trophy/achievment fanatic no online and short gameplay means its def one ta avoid buying imho.

MAiKU3197d ago

The ps3 is capable of so much more, this has got to be the worst port of a game ever done.

I don't think FF13 will be this badly ported over to the 360. I have this game on the ps3, i love for it's story and style but i hate it on it's performance.

The ps3 version has so many loading times, the game has to load just to go into the item menu or to skip a scene. It's a pain... a huge pain.

Raf1k13197d ago

Yeah it sill looks good but once you've seen the 360 pics it's not quite the same as the difference is that big. Thankfully it's still pretty fun to play and is worth picking up when it's cheaper.

I'll be picking it up once I find it for less than £20.

TheBlackSmoke3197d ago

I never played RE4 on the gamecube (the obviously superior looking version) only the PS2 version and to me it was still one of the best gameplay experiences of all time. But of course that was last gen before the internet bombarded you with "teh inferiorz" every day.

I have the PS3 version and whilst its obviously not on par with the 360 version, i still enjoyed it and felt like i had the Bayonetta experience, but sega seriously.... SORT IT OUT next time.

captain-obvious3197d ago

i didn't get this game
i was thinking about getting it on my 360 with all that hype this game was getting
its just im not in to those fast hack and slash DMC style games
im more of a GOW \ DI guy
i like hack and slash but in a slower tone

Christopher3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

That just doesn't make sense considering how many bad games alone are allowed on both of the consoles, let alone bad ports exist on both of them. Furthermore, doing so would only result in Sega sticking with just the 360 and likely doing so in the long run for other games.

I 100% blame the developers/publisher of this game, not Sony in any way, shape, or form. To blame Sony for allowing it, as if they can make such grandiose business decisions at their whim without any backlash is just ridiculous.

Edit: At those who disagree, care to really stick your necks out and reply as to why you think Sony can afford to start telling third-party developers what they can and can't do with their bug free but graphically inferior games in an age where Microsoft and Nintendo are running things? Bayonetta on the PS3 isn't an issue of an unplayable game, it's an issue of graphical quality, so SQA issues aren't present here.

Sarcasm3197d ago

Both versions are crap. :)

evrfighter3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

if its playable and the game doesn't have any gamebreaking glitches or bugs...what's the problem here? what's the hate for sega about?

oh wait ps3 fanboys are under the impression that graphics = everything in a game

Or you just mad because some 360 fanboy has another meaningless dot in an argument...

"If you can't use the ps3's potential to the max I HATE J00!!!!"
really? is that a valid argument?

Rush-Sykes3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

To be honest I think its more to do with paying the same amount of money of a completely inferior product. Why I agree some of them haven't even bought or played the game and just care because of the pathetic console warz.

Its still unfair to label everyone under that boat. Its like 2 guys going to to buy the same torch and ones really bright, the other really dim and keeps flashing on and off. Of course your going to complain who wouldn't?

Inferior ports ruin the game experience why Beyonetta is still decent on the PS3 its still not right. Take The Last Remnant for example on the 360 its a complete waste of space not even fit to be a door stop. On the PC its one of the best games I have ever played.

@below how is one getting double the FPS and with more textures and detail over exaggerated. Not to mention the constant load times on the PS3 version if anything its under exaggerated.

Why do you think GT5 and Forza 3 aim for 60fps? Because it gives you smooth gameplay 30 FPS is the bear minimum before it becomes laggy. Bayonetta was getting an average of 26fps on the PS3 an average of 46 on the 360. There is alot more screen tearing to on the PS3 version

Saaking3197d ago

The differences were over exaggerated imo.

nycredude3197d ago


"oh wait ps3 fanboys are under the impression that graphics = everything in a game"

The only reason you say this is becuase you only own a 360 and you "don't" have great graphics. You're logic is almost as stupid as hating on hdtv. Yeah you don't need hdtv to enjoy a good show or movie but wouldn't you enjoy it more if it looked better (in HD)?

Ps3 owner don't think that graphics=everything. Ps3 owners just happen to know that games that have great gameplay, story AND great graphics is better than games that have great gameplay, story and just ok graphics! But you wouldn't know this cause you "only" own a 360.

I am not hating on your precious console of choice. I happen to have a 360 but the truth is when I turn it on to play games I am not expecting great graphics, and lately there haven't been that many great games either.

evrfighter3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

"The only reason you say this is becuase you only own a 360 and you "don't" have great graphics."

lol...someone please educate this guy. I have posted pics of my setup already. I'm a pc gamer first and foremost that owns a ps3. For the 100th time. I do NOT own a 360. I was in the bc2 beta and even played with someone here at N4g (TheBand1t)

While it may be inferior to the 360 version. How does that diminish gameplay? If you can play it from beginning to end without any issue your getting your money's worth if you rent or buy.

Rush-Sykes3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

O please will you stop pretending the PS3 is generations ahead of the 360 in graphics. It has like 2 games that unarguable better graphics then on the 360. Stop being a totally blind fanboy and proving evrfighter right.

If you want generations ahead you don't own a PS3 for that buddy you own a PC. The 360 doesn't have bad graphics it has good graphics the PS3's is a little better but there's not much in it.

Want great graphics get a gaming pc, Take a crappy looking 360 game like The Last Remnant for example. The PC version of that with the graphics settings on decent makes Uncharted 2 look average.

"Ps3 owner don't think that graphics=everything. Ps3 owners just happen to know that games that have great gameplay, story AND great graphics is better than games that have great gameplay,"

Can you please stop trying to speak for every PS3 owner like your opinion if fact. I own I PS3 and you sure as hell ain't smart enough to speak for me buddy.

Am guessing by your logic you have to be a complete fanboy and be completely bias to all other consoles because you own a PS3 then? I own a PS3 and a 360 I haven't turn my piece of crap 360 on in 6 months. I used my PS3 a year hours ago doesn't mean I have to act like a complete d-head towards the competition which drives it.

I mean seriously will guys like you please stop trying to speak for all PS3 owners your making me embarrassed to own mine. Like its a ticket to never getting laid....

Saaking3197d ago

evrfighter and deadreckoning both claim they only own a PS3 yet they both defend the 360. Sounds weird. Are you guys related or something?

MmaFanQc3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

the game is still very enjoyable and fully playable.

after playing both retail version, all i can say is the whole "OMG THE PS3 VERSION SUUUUUUUCK SOOOO MUCH!" was way WAY overblown.

peoples with a ps3 only shouldnt avoid the game because of the minor flaws

evrfighter3197d ago


That's exactly what I've been trying to say lol. There's nothing broken about it. There's no reason to bash Sega, just enjoy the game.

commodore643197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

So, the multiplat Bayonetta:

ps3 percent of torn frames: 42.76
360 percent of torn frames: 13.0

ps3 average FPS: 26.33
360 average FPS: 45.82

Load Time 1: PlayStation 3 – 21 sec / Xbox 360 – 14 sec
Load Time 2: PlayStation 3 – 32 sec / Xbox 360 – 16 sec
Load Time 3: PlayStation 3 – 43 sec / Xbox 360 – 19 sec
Load Time 4: PlayStation 3 – 48 sec / Xbox 360 – 19 sec

These undisputable compared measurements show that the 360 performs with nearly DOUBLE the average framerate and often less than HALF the loading times.

The 360 exhibits more vibrant colours, while numerous reputable websites, including LOT, have noted the 'flat' affect of the graphics in the ps3 version.

At this point I have to note that it seems obvious the 360 version had more power in reserve that could have been used to extract more performance on the 360 game in the form of improved graphics, textures, resolution.

I also have to note that based on framerates (avg 26 fps), texture quality and loading times, the ps3 was *only just* cutting it.

However, we all know that developers try to achieve parity on multiplats. Thus one version is often 'held back' to accommodate the deficiencies of the other.
Clearly, the deficient version, or console, in this case, is the ps3.

Based on the above undisputable facts, is it now fair to say the PS3 was holding the 360 game back, in the interest of achieving parity?

That's just logical, right?
Perhaps, if the game had been a 360 exclusive, we might have seen a truly definitive version of Bayonetta?

IdleLeeSiuLung3196d ago

Side by side, the PS3 version looks terrible in comparison. Textures are all blurry and there is definitely lack of detail in the PS3 version.

That is a shame.... I agree, Sega should have asked or Sony should have offered help to fix this game. None the less as the OP said, if you have never seen the 360 version you would have never been the wiser!

insomnium3196d ago

It's not the PS3s fault if a game is developed the way it won't run properly on it. The PS3 is not holding back anything wouldn't the x360 exclusives have proved this by now?

I don't care about Bayonetta. I might buy it for 20€ sometime in the future and that's IF I've been able to play all the still unopened games I have (about 5 of them) plus all the great games that are releasing in a few months.

I don't care about Bayonetta. I don't care about x360. I hate what MS did to the industry with x360 (Bayonetta is an example of it). Nothing but short term gain over longevity and expanding the industry. I hate MS. I hate the people who support MS through ignorance or patriotism since all they support is greed and childish behaviour.

The x360 owners are mostly children (aka under 20 yo). That's the only explanation to all this madness.

FACTUAL evidence3196d ago

I'm sorry sega but sex appeal doesn't make a good game. Don't worry though, I'll wait for bargain bin!

Theonik3196d ago

The game looks playable on PS3 but still none of the versions have notable graphics, so the game is average overall.

3196d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3196d ago

I love it when people blame stuff on other people like a spoiled child instead of admitting that they are at fault.

Perhaps, you should complain that Sony created a console that is much more difficult to develop for that they assumed would dominate the industry and developers would have no choice. Unfortunately for them, there is two other choices with larger install bases.....

At this point, I would even say that the Xbox 360 version is held back to reach parity between the two games. So should I blame Sony?

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Kalowest3197d ago

Epic SHAME on SEGAs part for such a horrible port, PG should have just kept the game exclusive to the 360 like they were going too.

Bazookajoe_833197d ago

It has sold 0.3m on the ps3 and 0.22m on the 360.

Kiroe3197d ago

And that is really unfortunate. Basically it is validating what Sega pulled, that they can publish crappy ports and people will still buy it.

pippoppow3197d ago

Shows that if they would have put more work into the PS3 version or made it the PS3 the leasd platform sales for the PS3 version would be higher.

Also shows what gamers think of the small differences between multi-platform games. Most of the time it is blown way out of proportion.

VINNIEPAZ3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Also shows how stubborn fanboys are

TheBlackSmoke3197d ago

And also shows that 360 is only this "sales" juggernaut if its an FPS. Its a shame really cos the game is good...yes even the PS3 version.

Raf1k13197d ago

That's not much. I kind of expected it to sell a lot more on 360 but as TheBlackSmoke points out it's a real shame that FPS are about the only games that fly other than maybe RPGs.

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ClownBelt3197d ago

This is one of the moments where you don't need lens of truth since pretty much every single human being already knows that the PS3 got a bad port.

junk-3d3197d ago

yeah, it might be like adding salt to a wound...but if it helps ensure this doesn't happen again so be it. When you see them side by side it really is a train wreck.

evildeli3197d ago

I wonder which port is worse, Bayonetta or Ghostbusters. I'd like to see those two square off in the losers circle!

Kiroe3197d ago

Hmmmm....that is a tough one. Both were really bad ports. At least Ghostbusters was playable and held a similar look and framerate. Bayonetta is all over the place. And really, loading when I pause?

I would have to vote Bayonetta.

deshon093197d ago

but sega is trying to be a good multi plat developer but it was more of pg fault and the only reson it sold more on the ps3 is because it came out in dec in japan

Aaroncls73197d ago

Never does anything right, Platinum Studios should bounce and find another publisher, this has been a disservice.

Elven63197d ago

They have a 4 game deal with Sega, so they still need to make two more before they can leave in a sense.

Godmars2903197d ago

If anything, they're the ones who should be catching heat, not Sega.

Its not like people blame EA for porting the Orange Box to the PS3.

Raf1k13197d ago

Sega's given the PS3 some really great games it's just the ports that are the problem.

Sarcasm3197d ago

I don't blame SEGA, I blame Platinum games for making such a stupid IP to begin with.

Godmars2903197d ago

The problem is that devs want an "easy" platform to build. Don't want to put in the extra effort if that's not the case.

asyouburn3197d ago

have you played any of platinums older games? God hand? viewtiful joe? if you had, then you wouldve known what to expect from bayonetta. your comment=fail

Persistantthug3197d ago

The reason is, is because this is a JAPANESE based game. So why wouldn't this be made on the PS3 first? This appears to be more of the same "lazy developer" stuff. Why not get on the phone, send some Emails, go over to Sony Studios if necessary, and get some help? Obviously they needed help, seeing that they only have ever made Nintendo games.

What is it that keeps these developers from getting the help and/or tools they need to learn? Again, there's no excuse for this seeing that this game is a Japanese based game.

Whitefox7893197d ago

What about Condemned 2: Bloodshot?

Obama3197d ago

Sega gave VC to the ps3 which is the best jrpg on the market right now, so I will forgive them this time around.

Elven63197d ago

Godmars: Who cares if they didn't want it on the PS3? No port is better than a half assed port that was only made to make money.

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