Gamezebo: Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King Review

After the cliffhanger ending of Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox, fans of the series were left anxiously wondering how Mortimer was going to get himself out of his latest predicament. The wait is over with Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King, a hidden object/adventure follow-up that remains just as polished and enjoyable as its predecessors.

After the events of Time Paradox, Mortimer thinks he's finally on his way home but instead he materializes in the fantasy kingdom of Zantya. The kingdom has been in decline ever since its rightful king went missing along with the jewelled crown that gave him his power, and the throne was usurped by an unsavory character named Cedric Syper. The locals ask Mortimer for help in retrieving the crown jewels and finding the king so that he can reclaim his place as ruler of the kingdom.

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