Could Fox be backing the Halo Movie?

This is speculation, but feels that the recent marketing deal between Fox and Microsoft could mean that the Halo Movie is back on track.

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Ichabod134736d ago

I hope this is true. It's one movie I've been wanting to come out for a long time. :P Ever since the novels first started.

Relin4736d ago

I don't even like the game, but I'd go see that movie.

Ichabod134736d ago

Gotta love the hype around anything halo related :P It should be a good movie though, wish they would get started on it.

Crazyglues4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

This is going to sound crazy, but I swear if there is a movie being made I must be a part of it, it is the only way the movie will be done right.

I am the only one who can see how the movie should be done. It's like I sleep eat and breathe this movie. I fall asleep seeing how the movie should look. It's just so sad I know no one in Hollywood.

Maybe I should start writing the script at least then people could see my vision. (hmmm.. Yeah I think I will do that. free script for download - should be a good read for on your way to work or something - like when you got some free time and nothing to do? Might be fun to read.)

youzef4736d ago

that if it was published by fox it would release in Blue ray as an HD format :/
Anyway, i cant wait to watch this movie anything Peter Jackson rocks :)

Ichabod134736d ago

I think that's why MS had Universal on board too. I'm sure they won't toss support away from HD DVD with the movie, when it comes out.

DrunKao4736d ago

That would be so funny if Halo 3 is a Blu-Ray exlusive. Talk about irony.

sonarus4736d ago

haha yea that was the first thing that came to my mind. Microsoft will probably still release it as downloadable content or something. But i doubt halo will do too well. It will most likely be a lame movie. Unless someone like peter jackson handles it and he handles it properly

gogators4736d ago

ever getting made if production costs were expected to run around 120 million dollars, even with Mr Jackson's involvement. While Halo may have a large gaming fan base, I just don't see that fan base being large enough to warrant risking that kind of money.

Ichabod134736d ago

You can potentially say the same thing about alot of movies out there. Transformers for example...while there are die hard transformers fans. I'm not one of them. I would like to see it because of the story and graphics added.

I would say that the movie would be popular with fans of the game and outsiders also. But I guess we'll just all have to wait and see what happens. :P

gogators4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

the 80's with a very large market and television presence. And while yes there are many who are not fans of the Transformers, I think you would find a larger number of people more familar with the Transformers verses Halo. Of course the Transformers of late have seen substantial market presence. I just don't see Halo being able to move 40 million tickets in order to re-coup a 120 million dollar investment.

No, I am not interested in a Chevy bastardized version of the Transformers.

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The story is too old to be commented.