SFX-360: Mass Effect 2 Preview

SFX-360 writes: "What can I say about Mass Effect 2? It has been hyped, pulled apart, praised, criticized, and cheered even before its release. All of this only because when it comes to BioWare (and several others developers), fans and critics expect the best, and not unreasonably so, given their track record. And you could say its a curse to be the top dog on the mountain, because everyone is just waiting to topple you over or bring you low given the smallest opportunity to do so. But so far, Mass Effect 2 looks like it will not disappoint and looks to stamp out or at least lessen the problems that nagged the first game."

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MetalGearRising3196d ago

Best Sci-Fi RPG Ever conceived by man period.........G.O.T.Y 2010 winner.

Terry Tate3196d ago

Somehow, I've managed to resist the urge to read or learn anything much about Mass Effect 2. The first one blew me away, and I want that same feeling with this sequel. Its getting harder and harder to resist though. Good thing it comes out next week.

3196d ago