Portable Display Player: New Way To Play PS3, Wii, 360 and more

Palgn was recently given the chance to check out a demo unit for a new device set to be released in Australia shortly. Called the PDP (Portable Display Player), the device is essentially a visor which enables you to view video from a number of sources, including iPods, game consoles and DVD players.

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drtysouf214732d ago

I would like to try this out!

Rhezin4732d ago

ya but it's prob only in Australia and it's almost as much as a ps3

lib94732d ago

I can't see myself wearing those unless the quality is more than amazing

QuackPot4732d ago

Would be handy for around the home have the power of the Ps3 on a portable handheld.

K.I.S.S. Sony! Awesome.

Silvia0074732d ago

it's 1920x1080 resolution, comes with HDMI and Component support, I'll gladly pay around 4k for it. If it's got the illusion of 100 inch tv, I'll pay even 8k for it. Being that it's only 640x480... maybe 100 dollars.

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