STP: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars iPhone Review

STP writes: "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has proven to be among the very best titles on all three handheld platforms: DS, PSP, and now the iPhone. Even though we've played it in previous forms, Chinatown Wars still has the same "wow" factor it did the first time we played it. In fact, it's been enhanced due to extras only possible on the iPhone. Despite being a port, we can say that it's one of the very best games available on the App Store, and sets the bar extremely high for other major developers."

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Viewtiful3220d ago

This game is absolutely awesome. Though I'm not sure I like the iPhone controls. HATE virtual joysticks.

Cutter203220d ago

Possibly the best iPhone game yet. As for the controls, I think the buttons are a bit too small (I keep missing turns and jumps) but overall amazing execution.

mrthedge3220d ago

The amount of top-notch content in this game is insane for a $9.99 price point. It's downright psychotic.

spall033219d ago

yeah, it is. it's funny how $9.99 is considered a fortune on the App Store, and an absolute pittance for other types of portable games. This is a fantastic deal any way you slice it.

Pargon3220d ago

It seems like this could be a really impressive way to introduce gamers to the iPhone's gaming capabilities. Considering that the game on the iPhone is as good as it is on other platforms, and that it's only $9.99 on the iPhone, it seems like people could really start to notice its impressive gaming abilities.

peeps3220d ago

indeed. i'm still not conviced the iphone will take off fully as a games platform since gaming is not it's primary function, but i love it for the great mix.

i can pick up an amazing game like gta for only £6! or can play a top notch poker game for under a £. best thing is the variety tbh

Cutter203219d ago

I agree completely. Have a bubble+!

cje3220d ago

Not a huge GTA fan, but it is pretty awesome that the platform is keeping up apples to apples with its handheld competitors.

3219d ago
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