Atlus is bringing Persona 3 Portable to North America

Atlus has just announced Persona 3 Portable will be released in July, 2010. The P3P website lists a July 6, 2010 release date.

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Chris3993196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

If you're into JRPGs. But I'm sure that there are other classic titles in the works too, that we just haven't heard about yet.

The PS3 stuff is usually years off when it's announced, but with the significantly shorter development time of a PSP title, they get revealed and out to market pretty fast.

I'll be picking up Silent Hill, Valhalla Knights 2 Battle-stance and Lunar soon as they hit the PSN (have a Go). The absence of PSP legacy titles on the PSN store is a little irritating though. I don't know what they are talking their time for. It's been like 4 games in a month.

MAiKU3195d ago

NOW THIS is what i'm talking about!

wicko3195d ago

So.. what happened to Persona 2? Never played the series but I'm willing to give it a try..

MAiKU3195d ago

It's likely that they will re-do persona 2. But remember P2 had 2 different variations of the game, and differs greatly from the P3 battle system and gameplay.

wicko3195d ago

I haven't played any of them, I'm a bit confused by all the editions. Wondering if I should even play the first one, are the stories related?

Reibooi3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

The stories in the Persona series are kinda confusing in how they are related. They almost never involve the same characters although many characters from previous games do make cameo's.(In P2 the cameo's are actually quite important to the story and some might not call them cameo's at all.)

Persona 3 and 4 take place in the same world and in Persona 4 you visit the setting of Persona 3. Persona 2 is more or less a direct sequel to Persona 1 so it might be wise to play the original if you plan to play Persona 2.

To clear up the stuff about Persona 2. Persona 2 was 2 parts. Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Atlus has never released Innocent Sin in ths US. Making it pretty hard to play the entire Persona 2 storyline unless you speak Japanese and can find a copy.

I would assume with the success of the Persona remake on PSP that Atlus might make a P2 remake and combine them into a single game(would be nice).

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