Activision Blizzard 2009 Q4 Conference Call Expectations

Last year, the Activision Blizzard conference call was grim for Starcraft II fans who got the bad news that beta testing had been postponed.

A new conference call is in the horizon and Starcraft II and Diablo III fans might be expecting some light in the dark tunnel.

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Medievaldragon3218d ago

I really hope Starcraft II beta is announced on Feb 10. And at least whether there's a new Blizzcon or Invitationals this year because that would mean they have the stage for the fifth Diablo III class announcement.

Maticus3217d ago

Hopefully some Cataclysm news!

Leord3217d ago

Most likely, yes, but I am hoping for SC2 news as well

chak_3217d ago

D3 delayed to 2013 hooray

Nihilism3217d ago

what do you mean delayed, that's probably been their projected release date from the start, nothing like announcing a game 4 years before release :D

Nihilism3217d ago

we'll be lucky is starcraft 2 comes out before then...

Leord3217d ago

God dammit, let's hope it becomes more interesting than previous years...

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