Sony talks 'Games on Demand', Digital Distribution, and PSN Future

Sony talks about a possible 'Games on Demand' type feature and backwards compatibility as to how Sony will treat PS2 titles for new Sony adopters.

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ToastyMcNibbles3196d ago

i want another Siren game on PSN! loved Blood Curse

MattyF3196d ago

That was an excellent game. I hope we see another this yr.

ToastyMcNibbles3195d ago

indeed.. i love downloadable games like Siren or wipEout hd or ratchet and clank quest for booty.. i do hope Sony announces more games like these at E3 this year.. i have so many PSN games but i do have to say wipEout is probably my most favorite PSN game so far.. its hard choosing because there are so many great games but wipEout just screams bang for your buck

WildArmed3195d ago

I'd be interesting to see how they deal with this.
I dont think it's practical to provide games over 20gb via PSN.
But having games like WP hd, Burnout, Warhawk availiable form PSTore is just plain awesome.
I do hope we continue with similar services

Raoh3195d ago

I played the old ps2 version of siren, havent tried the psn version yet..

selling them in chapters is something sony should do more of..

evrfighter3195d ago

Well its good to see Sony realize that DD will be the media of choice within the next year or two.

gamers will win once M$ and Sony start competing in the DD arena. There's so much cost you can cut with DD and still be able to profit it will make for good times.

mjolliffe3195d ago

He says "We don’t have any news to share on that front at the moment, but keep in mind that digital distribution isn’t the only way to bring classic PlayStation 2games over to PS3. God of War Collection is a great example of how technology like Blu-ray can be used to not only reintroduce PlayStation 2classics, but improve on them at the same time by adding new features like PSN Trophies, higher resolution textures, and increased frame rates – all on a single Blu-ray disc."

Sure we can get it on a new Blu-Ray disc - But we have to pay $60 for it. It's unfair Sony! If we have the old PS2 disc, then we should be able to swap it in for a Blu-Ray disc.

ToastyMcNibbles3195d ago

not sure if you're aware but the God Of War Collection had both PS2 games remastered in HD with trophy support at 60 fps with a demo of GOW3 and was sold for $40 not $60.. i doubt Sony will be that stupid and charge 60 bucks for PS2 games on Blu-Ray

whoelse3195d ago

Grand Theft Auto Collection - GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas on one disc in HD and with trophies. That would be my GOTY!

silvacrest3195d ago

that sounds awesome but also like something rockstar would have to do, sony could only help or bring the idea to them

whoelse3195d ago

I'm sure Sony would be happy to fund the development costs as long as it was PS3 exclusive.

Saaking3195d ago

I think Sony is gonna start bringing PS2 games to the PS3. Unlike MS, Sony has a large catalog of games from the PS1 and PS2 era. They need to take advantage of it.

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MetalGearRising3195d ago

Sony talks and everyone falls asleep

Sony talks and no one pays attention

Seriously who cares what Sony has to say have they ever said anything worth reading about hell NO!

VegaShinra3195d ago

I think saying no downloadable PS2 titles is pretty big and that there won't be any PS3 type of Games on Demand feature is big.

baum3195d ago

I'm guessing you were born after the PS2 era then. By the way, nobody listens to you either. At least Sony is, at worst, a "has been", who are you though?

OmarJA-N4G3195d ago

Says the most ignored guy here in N4G.

The_Truth_20093194d ago



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Megaton3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Some of his responses were painful to read. Too much PR-speak for me. Needs moar Tretton.

caffman3195d ago

buy your PS2 games again. Glad I have a 60GB

Sez 3195d ago

you can actually download an emulator for the ps1 and ps2 and just download the games. they may take time to DL. but you get the game for free. I'm currently doing that on my PC. i have nes,snes,ps1,turbographix16,ne ogeo and other systems with the games running on my PC. no need to rebuy the games.

Oner3195d ago

And I can play 99% of supposed 360 "exclusives" on my PC as well. So I don't actually need my 360...but I actually NEED my PS3 to play it's exclusives and all the additional features I get with it.

ClownBelt3195d ago

If they can put FF X on blu ray and add trophies for it, then I'll definitely buy it without any question ask.

guitarded773195d ago

There are plenty of PS2 titles I'd be willing to open my wallet for if they get updated visuals and trophy support.

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