How Sony's shares strike back after crisis

If you look at the share performance of some of the biggest media companies over the last two years, roughly since Stringer was named as the first non-Japanese head of Sony, you might be surprised to see Sony among the leaders.

There is evidence to suggest that the new course the company has pursued, not to mention luck and timing - has yielded promising results.

There are three main reasons. One is that Sony has gone a long way toward mending its electronics business, which accounts for roughly two-thirds of an expected $70 billion in sales in the year ended in March 2007.

The PlayStation 2 remains the biggest seller among all gaming systems. And Sony took a big gamble by building new Blu-Ray players into the PS3, which contributed to delays and higher prices.

At the very least, the "Sony United" strategy of Stringer has proved that some of the engineers, marketers and Hollywood types can actually talk to one another.

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tethered4734d ago

Haha! True!

I don't think we need to worry about the PS3.

Maddens Raiders4734d ago

who the he77 approved this? There's not supposed to be any positive SNE news posted around here. Guess you didn't get the memo, huh?

Anyone found supporting Sony United here will meet their fate with a bubble - busting fury the world has never seen. You'd better get a clue mate. [e/sarc]

damn 70billion. That's a lot. Makes me wonder how much Matsushita expects to sell this year [the world's largest]?

neogeo4734d ago

but, Mart said that the Ps3 will drive Sony out of biz. And if the Mart said it, it must be true.

BIadestarX4734d ago

"The PlayStation 2 remains the biggest seller among all gaming systems"... even more than the wii? didnt xbox 360 sell more consoles than the PS2? how is it the biggest seller among ALL gaming systems?
I hope that the rest of the article is not as inaccurate as that statements... since it would render it as simple propaganda.
Also, yes... PS3 sells sinking every single month since launch.. should be ignore since it's a sign of great things to come.

BitbyDeath4734d ago

I think they are referring to overall lifetime sales rather than bi-monthly sales.

Now what would i do with 70 Billion dollars.....

neogeo4733d ago

yes the PS2 sell the most games hence makes Sony more money.
Now get a life before I smack the tast out your mouth you lil Bi%ch.

Why o why4733d ago

wo, is this dr jakal today. The ps2 biggest gaming system in terms of units sold period. Whats the problem theres nothing wrong with any statement made in the article

CrazzyMan4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

March 2007 vs. April 2007 vs. May 2007

PlayStation 3: 130,000 vs. 82,000 vs. 81,600
Wii: 259,000 vs. 360,000 vs. 338,000
Xbox 360: 199,000 vs. 174,000 vs. 155,000

PlayStation 2: 280,000 vs. 194,000 vs. 188,000
Nintendo DS: 508,000 vs. 471,000 vs. 423,000
PSP: 180,000 vs.183,000 vs. 221,000


p.s. anyone to help return my 4th bubble back? thnx. =)

BIadestarX4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

ohh my bad... there is not need to get so hostile.. I missunderstood the article... I thought they were talking about currently, not what happened in the past when Sony didn't have any competition from Nintendo or Microsoft. Yes, it does make sense now.
Only reason why I interpreted the way I did is because this article is very misleading... "How Sony's shares strike back after crisis"... it's implying how the shares are doing now and not how they did overall.

@neogeo, and you wonder why Sony fanboys have so little bubbles? That's the problem with you kids... you just can't get your point across without having to use personal insults... ohh yeah before I forget... time to use those little red buttons.

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MoonDust4733d ago

It was a couple of months before the release of the PS3. I also remember when MSFT was in the low 20's and nintendo in the 15's! Now SNE is at 50, MSFT @ 30 and Nintendo in the 40's!

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The story is too old to be commented.