The 6 Ways Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Cheat

GOONL!NE: "Modern Warfare 2 is fun. No point trying to deny it; the joy of 'pwning' some 'noobs' across the ether is brilliantly addictive. But, you've got to take the good with the bad. And just like how the vibrant streets of Rio De Janeiro paint a pretty picture, underneath there lies a dark and seedy underworld; the world of the cheaters. Here are 5 non-console specific, non-hacks that you're likely to encounter in a random game..."

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mjolliffe3246d ago

Don't you just hate them :)

D4RkNIKON3246d ago

One cheap trick I do from time to time..

I use the RPG as a secondary weapon since you do not need to lock on to your target, it gives you 2 rockets to start. I also equip the resupply perk so that when I walk over dead bodies I get more ammo. It is practically unlimited RPG rounds and it really pisses of a lot of people.

captain-obvious3246d ago

this is why i love killzone2

CaptainAmerica3246d ago

You dont see alot of cheating in Killzone 2..........cuz no one plays that game.

captain-obvious3246d ago

maybe you should go and see for your self
thats if you actually own a PS3

DEA Fresh3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

You run into all of this stuff way too much. IW really needs to fix all of these things and let players know they did release the game w/ some balance issues and they're going to make it so MP ends up being played the way it was intended. And to all the people saying if it's in the game it's not a glitch or boosting, please shut up. It's in the game because IW doesn't think people will waste days of their lives laying in corners killing each other for a title that only matters in a game. You can't really blame them but they've been at it long enough they should know how low the gaming community can go.

Another thing that needs to be added to this list. Care package marker, light weight, marathon, commando, and tactical knife.

BkaY3246d ago

when game starts.... everyone run like there is not tomorrow....

its quite hard to camp in warhawk...

e-g if you are sniping .. and you missed ... 80% chances are you gonna get sniped... or someone sneaks behind and slice n dice you...

very well balanced game...

on - topic

sure you might get points and stuff but its not gonna polish your skills...


3245d ago
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ASSASSYN 36o3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I love how camping (Conservative playing) has turned into cheating. I bet I never get banned for doing it. Fight harder...less tears.

PhilipLarkin3246d ago

As explained in the article, camping as in hanging in a corner for a bit is fine. That's a tactic. Staying in the same god-damn spot for an entire 15 minutes is just unholy.

ASSASSYN 36o3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I will hold a spot all day if I want. You keep running to me to get killed then so be it. I never seen a sign say please play here for 2 kills then move along. Game shouldn't allow it if it wasn't possible.

I play by my own rules on this issue. Not by others. You don't like it quit. You will be replaced.

JustinSaneV23246d ago

My sentiments exactly ASSASSYN 36o. I'm not blessed with quick reflexes/high reaction so I always get slaughtered if I try to "play by the rules" (aka run-n-gun).

I do what suits me the best (legitimately of course).

-Alpha3246d ago

I understand and agree assassyn, but the game is ridiculous in numerous ways.

I don't have a big problem with "conservative defensive playing" but the maps are poorly designed to favor "Campers".

There are so many nooks and crannies where it's impossible to counter.

Anyways, I have no problem with campers. In fact, it's the least of my worries as running and gunning with the Commando + Marathon + Lightspeed class is much more destructible to the game.

And akimbo shotguns, such a stupid idea.

Ares84PS33246d ago

....that you can't camp. In a real battle, soldiers camp for hours. Plus what is a sniper supposed to do? Camp at one location, get a kill move to the next or stay there. There is nothing wrong with camp. I can't camp for the life of me because I find it extreamly boring but I don't see anything wrong with it. If I get killed by a camper I just go back there with the knowledge where they are and blast them out with a grenade. It's the easiest thing to do. Now the rest of the things on the list is cheating.

Anorexorcist3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

"I will hold a spot all day if I want. You keep running to me to get killed then so be it. I never seen a sign say please play here for 2 kills then move along. Game shouldn't allow it if it wasn't possible."

Well that was a pretty redundant rebuttal. What the hell could IW do to curtain camping or what could ANY developer do to prevent camping?

Have a 10-second maximum policy code on standing still within one position and if you don't relocate in 10 seconds or less you'll automatically die or get booted from the game?

Camping can never be fully expelled from online shooters. All that can be done is for all the brave, thrill-seeking adventurous gamers of the online shooter universe to shun and hunt down all the Emo gamers who choose to sit and sulk in some corner with Akimbo shotguns.

TheBlackSmoke3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I sort of have mixed feelings on camping, I'm so sick of it in objective match types, where its clear they only play it because it gives a much clearer idea of where the enemy might be. Sounds pretty logical but cmon if your standing a couple of meters away from an enemy flag or a chance to disarm a bomb yet you choose to hide...well your full of sh1t period.

In TDM i guess im not to bothered about it seeing as though kills are the winning currency. In all honesty the killcam pretty much makes camping worthless if your smart about it and if you keep getting killed by the same person your the one who sucks unfortunately.

Its the combination of way overcomplex maps and killstreaks which has made MW2 waaaaay more campier than cod4. Literally you can just camp 7 kills > Harrier > chopper gunner > nuke every time, leading to ridiculous overinflated K/D ratio's. Wish they would implement a no killstreak playlist or maybe auto radar you if your stood still for more than 10 seconds.

Yeah a kill is a kill but surely there has to be a sense of sportsmanship somewhere inside you. Feel good about camping all you want but hiding in a corner with your sight aimed at a doorway and shooting people in the back =/= skill.


People dont respawn in real life. This is a game.... dont even compare it.

Ares84PS33246d ago

I was just trying to say that it is ok to camp because it's not a cheat unlike the others on that list. If you want to camp all day than do that. Where is the fun in it?? I don't know. But it is a tactic and it's not against the rules or any morals for that matter. If you don't want campers than go and play Unreal Torunament. That game is designed for running and gunning.

ASSASSYN 36o3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I read you alpha male. But I don't design the maps nor manipulate them. I just do what I need to do to make the enemy die in the most efficient way possible. If locking down the map with my friends is required to win then so be it.

If run and gun is required then so be it. I will exploit every nook and cranny to get a kill or 5. I care less for the complaints online from those who loss. In fact I can't hear them...I can only talk to people on my friends lists. I set my communications to friends only to eliminate the whiners and uncalled for noise.

And believe me. There is a way to take down EVERY single known favorite camp location in the game. I promise you that. I have been killed in every location I held. It takes skill/experience to know when to use them and how to avoid incoming fire. I can not do it without team work. My clan has assigned positions on every map. And we call out distances in-game to coordinate coverage, situational-awareness, and firepower response.

We know where all flag points are on domination and call them out even in death match. We use claymores extensively on the map.

Here is a method to stop those fast runners/and site rep users whom can get by one claymore. We call is "binary claymores." Take two claymores and point them at each other directly or indirectly. When a fast runner passes the first claymore and it explodes it will detonate the second which is pointing the opposite direction but relative direction of the runner killing the runner from behind. Test it out. You can't get by it. And if they shoot the claymore we hear it and respond to the explosion. Claymores have a distinct click 'n' boom sound that is a dead give away.

All that has allowed me to amass a 2.00 and growing kill/death ratio.

mfwahwah3246d ago

I don't care if people camp. I just have the satisfaction of knowing they're too cowardly to play with some risk hehe. I'll let you sit in a corner while I take in the view from a brisk walk around the map.

bjornbear3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

if camping is so fine

what if EVERYONE in a game just camped?

just think about it....

yep, campers only get kills thanks to non campers. so if anything, campers live off other peoples decision not to camp.

the day everyone decides to camp, you will play a very boring MP game.

Luckily for campers, most people rather confront their opponent than wait for him in a corner.

to each his own =)

oh and I ALWAYS get the camper that kills me, haven't had a game where I haven't tormented campers by stalking them and it always works considering they usually lack any skill when confronted xD

Ares84PS33246d ago

You are right. As soon as everyone camps there will be no point to the game. That is not the case though. Camping is just fine if someone chooses to do that than let them. Campers aren't the problem here...they are not cheaters. The shoot you just like you would shoot them...they are not invincible, they don't glitch, they don't magically enter buildings trough their walls and stay and and just shoot you. I think we should leave them alone. In fact I love soon as they shoot me I know where they are and I can go back and get back at them. It's the easiest thing in the world to do.

Imagine if one day everyone just decided to run around like headless chickens throwing grenades randomly.....well some matches are like that and THAT is very frustrating.

rakunado3246d ago

nice posts.... couldn't agree more!

meatnormous3246d ago

I have a 37 without camping, shotguns or tubes. Just got really lucky on ground war with a chopper gunner.

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Truth3246d ago

"Oh you f****** camping b****!"

"It's a legitimate stragety!"

Red vs Blue, had me cracking up for days!

Seriously though, I'll camp. But like the article said, it's after I get a one or two kills and then I'll stop somewhere, reload and scope the area. Camping for the WHOLE game is just... wow. But to each his own. I have no problem killing campers, for the most part.

The reasons this articles states is why I'll be spending my money on Bad Company 2 which I think is a much better game. Especially for me and how I play.

kharma453246d ago


Bad Company 2 could well be one of the best multiplayer games of 2010!

finbars753246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

It use to bug me that people do it but I always spank there asses for doing it.You will rarely see me get shot twice in a row by the same person who camps.There the first person I go for.If you camp then camp but not on my watch so if you get killed over and over by the same guy then sh!t on you because your asking for it everytime if you dont stop it.If you are a good camper then I wil give you props because its not that easy to do especially where the kill cam comes into play and gives away your spot.Its not cheating thats for sure and its very tactical when playing objective base modes.I myself am not a camper so I have no idea of how it feels to get that many kills in one pot.Maybe one game I will give it a try but I get to bored sitting around might get arthrits in the old

Truth3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

See, that's why I prefer Bad Company. Because people who like to camp the same spot over and over and over and over and over and over again like Assassyn 36o, get owned by a well placed grenade or tank shell everytime. Makes it more inetresting when you have no place to hide.

EDIT: I remember a game I used to play, I really wish I could remember the name... but anyway, it labeled you a camper and showed you on the map if you stayed in a certain area for too long. That's what all games should have.

-Alpha3246d ago

I love BC too.

I dont have a problem with Assassyn's gameplay style-- campers are near the bottom of problems in MW2.

But BC is much more engaging and promotes activity. Support you teammates, complete the objectives, etc. it's all much more interesting and dynamic than MW

ASSASSYN 36o3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

You are under some diluted impression I play all games the same way. I will be using tanks in Bad company 2 the same way I did in BC1. I sit at my spawn point and shoot clear across the map with my tank and kill from a distance. Well out of range of laser designators and whinny little girls. When the sides are flipped I do the same out of range of designators and I operate in artillery scrambled zones. I do more research in games than you persistent run and gunners who can't get enough of my cannon juice. Just to kill more efficiently. And all this is done in a circle of team work. Worked wonders in Bad company 1.

Sniping across the map is lovely...unlimited range due to no bullet drop and perfect hit detection. Cya in bad company 2!

I have destroyed numerous gold crates from across the map. You don't have to run to the enemy to get the job done. Bullets get their faster.

mfwahwah3246d ago


You are seriously one of the most arrogant people I've seen in a while, in regards to video games. You're not special because of how you describe your play style.

GarandShooter3246d ago

I find Assassyn consistent, not arrogant. In many articles, his response to people complaining about weapons, tactics, etc. has always been the same:

Find a loadout/tactic that works for a given situation and fight harder.

If it's in the game it's meant to be used.

Overcome what the enemy is doing and enjoy the victory.

He's advocating combat situational awareness, and I've yet to see him piss and moan over someone else's tactics/weapon choice.

@ Assassyn

I don't always agree with your 360 vs PS3 stance (though I do believe I saw you give Heavy Rain some props...maybe you weren't feeling well that day), but respect on this issue, bro. +Bubs

ASSASSYN 36o3246d ago

Get in line mfwahwah. There is a ignore button that should make you feel better. I suggest you use it.

And GarandShooter I appreciate it. +bubs back to you.

meatnormous3246d ago

The game you are speaking of is Counter Strike Source on certain servers. If you camp somewhere long enough, you get a beacon and you show up on everyones map.

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