Condemned 2: Bloodshot Q/A

Launch titles are a fickle bunch. As developers struggle to hit the console release window, day and date games are often just shoddy rehashes or genre fillers. It's the rare game that comes out of nowhere to please early adopters and help them justify their expensive purchase. With a somewhat lackluster launch lineup in November 2005, Xbox 360 purchasers were glad to find that unique title sitting on store shelves, in the form of Condemned: Criminal Origins. In many cases, the strength of that title alone tossed a bucket of cold water on early buyers' remorse fires.

Even playing through the game now, it's easy to see why. The creepy atmosphere, chilling scares and intense combat appeased 360 gamers looking for an early thrill. It was a first person game where the emphasis was placed not on flying bullets, but on frantic fists. For those who weren't around the original, Condemned featured you in the role of FBI Agent Ethan Thomas as he hunted a serial killer amid some stunning weird and terrifying revelations.

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Excalibur4728d ago

Is a great Game. The creepy sounds and atmosphere of the game had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.
I picked up Condemned the same day I bought my 360 because it was $29.00 compared to the normal prices of games.
In my opinion it's much better than most of the games out now and best of all you can pick it up for around $20.00

I'm looking forward to part two,I hope it does the first one justice.

closedxxx4728d ago

The first game was definitely one of the most immersing next gen title's to hit early. It was one of those games that would scare the sh*t out of some people (me) if you were playing it alone at night.
AND, it was pretty, held a solid framerate, and provided a good mix of FPS action, and puzzle solving that kept it from being stuck in one genre. Also being given choices along the way as to whether or not you wanted to kill someone in a cinematic sequence (down to the very end) kept you involved in the game, and not just watching a movie between levels. I recommend anyone go pick it up

Diselage4728d ago

I never got around to the first one but i figure that right before the 2nd one comes out i'll rent it and play through and then be set for the release of the 2nd one.

Bloodmask4728d ago

Excalibur. I think anyone who didn't pick this up missed out on a great game. Can't wait for the sequal.

Sevir044728d ago

beside DOA4 and COD 2 this was like the only original game and new franchise that didn't suck and even though i never owned a 360 this game was one that i played on my friends 360 when he had it.. and i almost bought a 360 because of... after i finished the it and saw the ending i knew that if this game was come out as part two i'll have to play it... now i'll have it on MY ps3... Go sega, it's game like these that you should do instead of those horrendous Sonic games you try to pass of as functioning full games... Condemned 2 will be krazy

JVC064728d ago

I played this a few months after the 360's release and loved it, loadsa dodgy dark levels, where u knew the enemies were out there hidin waiting for u.
Wud defo recommend this to any1 who likes a creepy game!

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