Rumored PS Store Content for 01/21/10

PSLS writes:

"This week, there is a serious lack of information concerning what content is coming to the PS Store, in all regions. There is very little content rumored and even less confirmed. Even with this lack of info, we're still committed to bringing you this weekly feature (we still have this week's Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC listed, I am sure you are all very excited). Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment has just released on the Xbox Live Arcade, so there is a strong possibility we receive that this week."

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WildArmed3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

It means dont count on getting a HR demo.. it's just a shot in the dark (aka listed under rumors)

Seems like another dull weekly update. Hope it doesn't become a trend, havn't seen a good update since PJ Shooter (awesome game)

I hope we get some surprise demos.. I'm a fan of demos xD

Hanif-8763196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

It means it might not come this week but its currently my most wanted demo :-(

WildArmed3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

from what I understand they are giving the E3 demo they showed as DLC for preorder.. so I dont expect a demo of HR.
BUt if they do - do a demo of HR, It might convince me to skip out on FF13 n buy HR.

that is good news.

Double073196d ago

Sony have said that there will be a demo for Heavy Rain before release.

Dont expect it tomorrow though, they'd have made a pretty big fuss and posted about it on the Playstation Blog before they put it up on the store.

DaTruth3196d ago

What we need is every platinum PSone classic in the store! I don't even like many PSP games; But I have a PSPGo just to play PSone classics!(and my PSP1000 is too f'n BIG)

Also, it turns out the PSPGo is much better! Pause game function is awesome.

WildArmed3196d ago

I agree.
Call of Duty Classic already proved it to be a success.
I'm still hoping that we'll hear about more Ps2 games revamped for ps3.. Like Ico n SoTC for Last Guardian's release.

Or Dark Cloud etc etc (level 5 compilation of RPGs)

vhero3196d ago

VectorTD today hits minis :)

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finbars753196d ago

Plzzzzzzzz give us the AVP demo.So excited for this game.Expect the Heavy Rain in two weeks another game im looking forward to.

BeaArthur3196d ago

I'm actually not very interested in this game but a good demo could change my mind.

MmaFanQc3196d ago

.... i sold my 360 and i want to buy it again

vhero3196d ago

They reckon it will be done around April.

ThePlaystation3guy3196d ago

Guess I'll be buying FAT PRINCESS this week, lol.

Double073196d ago

Its a pretty good game, or at least was a while ago. Not sure how active the community still is.

Plus free patch and new map tomorrow if you didnt know already

WildArmed3196d ago

lol while I do know the demo's community is alive and kicking, so I'm positive the game has one going as well.
love the game, and will pick it up during the spring sale.

Minimox163196d ago

wow i dint know that, that great!!
- that pics of that two princess :P...mmmm yommy yommy!! XD

the community its very has very life! i play like every day and always full matches!

SuperStrokey11233196d ago

Hope they have a sale this week too, i really want pixel junk monsters or savage moon but for some reason im holding out on a sale (missed savage moon last time doh). I guess first one that goes on sale gets my money.

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The story is too old to be commented.