So Bad They're Good

Ian Walker writes for "It's happened to the best of us. We return from our preferred electronic entertainment store, giddy with excitement over our latest purchase. "This will totally live up to the outrageous hype!" we tell ourselves, deluded by the latest marketing blitz. There's no way that Game 2: Return to Game can be bad, right? So you rip off the plastic and pop that sucker right into your console. Finally, you are in the shoes of the latest bald space marine. The first few hours of gameplay rush past in you in a blur of explosions and plot twists, until that sickening moment finally comes, the moment you've always feared in the back of your mind.

It's the moment you realize this game has definitely not lived up to the hype."

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rrquinta3218d ago

The funny thing is Edge has covered two of the games on their list in their article series reflecting on the "oldies that maybe were bad but were still good" lol.