Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack 2 Xbox LIVE Release Date Announced

Mythic 2 Map Pack will be available on Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft Points. Mythic Map Pack 1 and 2 are also included in Halo 3: ODST, which includes the complete Halo 3 multiplayer map collection, an all-new campaign and the incredibly popular cooperative experience, Firefight. Halo 3: ODST will act as a key to the upcoming Halo: Reach multiplayer beta which goes live later this Spring.

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wwm0nkey3194d ago

Kind of pointless, those who are big enough Halo fans are playing Halo 3 with ODST now.

kevco333194d ago

Agreed. I think it's more out of courtesy - they said they would, so they are.

Who would really pay for these when they could just pick-up ODST fairly cheap second-hand by now?

Blaze9293194d ago

Achievement completionist who were too cheap to buy ODST or simply didn't want the game.

FamilyGuy3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

So you're telling me that the maps that were exclusive to ODST are now being made into DLC for a small fee and Halo 3 owners who: had purchased all the map packs before ODST came out,
and then bought ODST at $60 anyway for ITS exclusive maps, firefight mode and (short) single player campaign are now okay with this information?

Wow, o.0

I recently found out the PS3 game "3D Dot Heroes Game" will launch at $40 and before that I found a deal (that was posted here) to get ModNatonRacers for $40 on release day too. It kinda puts things in perspective, know? Sony knowing that the 3D game should be a budget title even though it's on disc and M$ knowing they can charge $60 for (basically) an expansion pack because "it's a new Halo".

SoX FireBlade3194d ago

this is was a reason to buy ODST

and those maps can be played by any account you are using

if you bought them as DLCs you will only use it for one account

my xbox has plenty of accounts so ODST made things much easier for me

no need to buy DLCs for every account

I know some people did not buy ODST cuz they play multiplayer only

this will help them I guess

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BeaArthur3194d ago

That's pretty crappy that they are charging for them. Reach will be out in the next few months, I can't believe they are 800 points.

Elven63194d ago

Just because Reach is coming out doesn't mean people will automatically give the game up, Halo 2 is one of the most played titles on the original Xbox and GFWL.

BeaArthur3194d ago

So you don't think that Halo 3 will be replaced with Reach? I know there will be people that will stick with Halo 3 over Reach but the majority of fans will move on to the next installment.

blue7xx73194d ago

Not really just look at COD4 people still play it its one of the top 10 games on xbox live even though modern warfare 2 just got released same with COD WAW. Same with Left 4 Dead 1 a lot of people still play it even though valve released Left 4 Dead 2 and the list goes on.

Bnet3433194d ago

$10 is the standard on maps on PS3 and Xbox 360 for a handful of maps. Go away if you don't want them. If you have Halo 3 Mythic (came with ODST), you don't even need to buy this.

Elven63194d ago

It probably won't remain at the #1 spot unless something really bad happens to Reach but it will definitely stay in the top 10 for a while. Forge, Theater mode, etc are two primary reasons as to why people keep coming back to Halo 3.

OpenGL3194d ago

I own every other map pack and do not own ODST, but I will not be buying this one. Reach comes out too soon and my friends have all lost interest in Halo 3. The funny thing is that I already have enough points on my account, but I'd rather save them for Reach as it'll likely have map packs of its own.

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Gaylo Reach
Wow I can't believe how ugly this game is. Yet we all know xbox fanboys are going to defend this gay game. Stupid bots defend your true only good game which is Gears of War which is better than this sh!t. You dumb bots get stupid each and every year with these last gen games. Xbox 360 was indeed maxed out with Gears of War 2. Sorry but your console has last gen technology and will never advanced this gen.

3194d ago
Ebrightblade3193d ago

It's about damn time! After purchasing the other map packs there was no way I was paying $60 for a 4-hour campaign and a horde mode on ODST (the reason they can do this is because retards buy this crap up regardless of content, though if you hadn't purchased a single map pack up until then it WAS worth it), but I already have the points for this, so I'll finally get to check out the new maps. Niiice!