Five Video Game Features that Never Caught On

From the feature article:

"Video game developers are always trying to come up with the new gameplay mechanic that will take the industry by storm, something that not only adds to the fun-factor but can be implemented in a way that it becomes revolutionary. Now just because developers are trying to accomplish this feat doesn't mean it always works; today we have a list of the top five video game features that never caught on. Some were just too good to be true, others were dead before they made it out of the test labs. Games that included the below features may have been successful at retail, it's just unfortunate that the features didn't catch on with other franchises. Even though they are on this list we are still happy that developers are out there trying new things, and making attempts to create quality (and original) gaming entertainment for the masses, it's better than just pushing out a new title each year with a bigger number on it."

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UltimaEnder3220d ago

Man Fracture was such a disappointment; I was so looking forward to that game......nice list!

WildArmed3220d ago

Agreed. Fracture looked great on paper.
While I do find being able to build your character awesome like Mass effect, I think taking it too far can be a turn off.. *cough* fallout 3*cough*

I hope the Demons Souls trend of MP catches on. You are always online.. and can be invaded any second :) It also gets rid of the traditional lobby system (which might be a turnoff for some).
But I've played with and met awesome people via Demons Souls crazy MP system. (lol even made friends with some black phantoms.. poor guy kept invading me and kept getting kileld by me)

dangert123220d ago

1st time i played throught the game i completed half of my charectar and thought this is long and jumped into the game with out getting what i fully wanted next to play throughts it just changed my name and went straight into the game with out customising lol

ASSASSYN 36o3220d ago

Asymmetrical multiplayer has been going on for years. It's nothing new.

3220d ago