Famitsu's Most Wanted - The Last Remnant enters the list

The Playstation 3 Version of The Last Remnant has managed to take the spot previously owned by Halo 3 in Famitsu's Most wanted list at number 20.

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toughNAME4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

i know there are a lot of fanboys on both sides

but have you noticed the morons with one bubble are mostly the PS3 fanboys?

...count em up

bootsielon - buddy you use words like "xbots"...i highly doubt a 14 yr old has a higher IQ than i do
so...your trying to say theres some kind of conspiracy going on here at N4G against sony fanboys? ..shut up kid

BubblesDAVERAGE - ....its pretty obvious sony boys outnumber 360 boys on this your comment is useless
lol id take friends list over wannabeTHESIMS anyday..

dodgefate4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

That is because the site is full of xbox fanboys that hate anything to do with people that likes PS3, am I wrong?!

That is why TheMart as gone from 1 to 4 over night cause he is the biggest xbox fanboy I have every seen I don't even think he owns a xbox but oh well he will say he does, guess he just on he so much bashing he can't play it.

trane074798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

Mr toughname. Im not trying to flame or jump on you, but what does this at all have to do with the news up here. That comment was off topic almost completely, and contributed nothing to the news. You didn't even talk about what the news gave? What the hell for? just for the comment

"All people with one star are ps3 fanboys count em up rah rah!!"

Grow up. All this fanboy junk just needs to subside and go away.

TheExecutive4798d ago

and if you stay off topic like that you may find yourself with only one bubble.

bootsielon4798d ago

And I have just one bubble. Talk about being a moron. Anyway, to answer your query, there are tons of xbots, that's why the few PS3 fans on the site have so few bubbles. That's why Deep got his bubbles down so quickly, and theMart, Bladestar and bloodmask have had them go up very quickly or simply don't come down.

Anyway, on topic... Last Remnant looks awesome, and naturally it is wanted by the japanese on PS3, just like DMC4 and RE5, despite the fact that they are multiplatform. Japanese surely value quality over price.

ngg123454798d ago

Yet he has 4 bubbles. He deserves to be an one bubble person.

BubblesDAVERAGE4798d ago

Did you ever think for one minute here are more xbot fanboys on here to defend the 360? Why as the average playstion fan probably doesnt even care about this crap..they just buy playstions and play games no need for the politics..yet its wrongto like playstion on here but its good to love 360..all i have to do to get bubbles is to say 360 isi the best system ever when it clearly had major flaws that will been shown more with time..but u know they will never belive it...Screw u fanboys Im going

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Bhai4798d ago

The PS brand is thoroughly integrated into Japanese community, that's a
great thing you know. While a lot of games like Resi-5 and DMC-4 etc
are multiplatform but Japanese are interested in the PS3 versions of
these games only...its like the last time with PS2, when first Onimusha
and furhther Japanese games were on Xbox and GC as well like Tenchu &
Soul Calibur series etc, but then due to extensive Japanese interest
in PS2 versions, most of the series went back to PS2 only.

This is why Bill Gtates and Peter Moore used to say that whoever wins
the Japanese market, wins the war...eventually they had to come down
from the quote because they simply knew that once again its the PS3
that is gonna control it. Its amazing that its neither Wii nor DS that
dominate the list but mostly PS3, then PS2 and further PSP, the whole
existing PS family of consoles. Japanese games are the ultimate delight
for a consumer to buy a console and its the PS3 that is totally owning
both the market/devs and titles for that perspective...we know its
going for the win(although Resi-5, MGS4, FF-13 etc are a li'l late)!!!

Nicosia4798d ago

mwah your right on certain points.

But lets not forget:
# PS2 had a bigger audience, japs loved the ps2 and hated the xbox.
# They had no real compatition last time, i found it weird this time around that there at least xbox360 games on it.
# Also some rpg's that are not annouced yet like Cry On, Blue Dragon 2, Infinity *something* can't remember. I believe they should crack the list in a couple of months.

But the biggest problem is xbox360 aint selling in japan.

PS360WII4798d ago

The one you couldn't remember was Infinate Undiscovery. Nothing is really know about it other than the title is wierd

Odion4798d ago

Japan only counts for 17% of the market NA makes up 46% whoever wins NA wins the warb

sonarus4798d ago

Well i do see your point. I seriously doubt the Xbox is going to win because quite frankly the 360 doesnt appeal to as many people as you think. I have a 360 and i have played the oh so many games on it and pretty much every game on there i would have probably enjoyed playing more on the PS3 and thats from the view point of the controller alone. I have nothing against the 360 controller it has its strengths but it also has large weaknesses. It reduces fluidity in gameplay of certain games and the controller jst isnt as comfortable as the play station pad. Maybe its cus am used to the ps2 pad. fighting games like DOA dnt feel as good on the 360 controller games like soccer dnt feel as good on the 360 controller especially pro evo 6 because the 360 d pad sucks big time. Let me stop here before i get off point. The point am trying to make is America may account for 46% of the market but not everyone wants to play american games. And the xbox is built for the american market period. The 360 controller is solid for shooters and i have to give props to racers too forza is absoulutely awesome. but those are the only games i can really buy on the 360 and quite frankly am not that big a fan of shooters. I will buy killzone and haze jst to see what the fuss is about but ultimately those games will play better on 360. I personally prefer games like god of war devil may cry and 4 these reasons i purchased a ps3. And oh mgs as well.

Xi4798d ago

why would you enjoy games on the 360 more on the ps3, that means no achievements and no live, not to mention most people think the 360 is the better controller based on layout and comfort. Fanboyeur at work.

Phantom_Lee4798d ago

just because you dont agree with him, doesnt mean you have to call him name

Xi4798d ago

when it will be on both. It might sell more on the ps3 but it should still be noted.

chrno64798d ago

coz the ps3 is the lead platform of the game? I bet it is.

trane074798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

Famitsu records what is most demanded and what system its demanded on. That means if its a multiplatform game, then it would label what system it is most demanded for. Obviously and unsuprisingly its the ps3's verision thats demanded. NOt the 360's version. Why are you getting so offended over it? Its not that serious.

Counter_ACT4798d ago

Becuase its the PS3 version that they have voted as their most wanted.

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