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Jason from The Goozex Report writes: "Rewards systems are powerful things, and can help guide players in their purchases. What is it about these little beauties that make us tick? Why do so many of us spend so much time earning them, and what is it about them that makes us seek them out?"

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JimmyJames703218d ago

For me, it's all about the instant gratification.

retrovertigo3218d ago

I like hearing that "bloop"! Achievement Unlocked!"

retrovertigo3218d ago

Achievements are the sole reason that I traded in the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed for the 360 one (and thus influenced which version of Assassin's Creed II I requested via Goozex). I like getting some sort of acknowledgment for completing tasks in games, as petty as that sounds. I'm so used to 360 games having them, that I sort of expect Trophies to be in all of the most recent PS3 games. If it doesn't, I don't hesitate in getting the 360 version for that very point.

wildcat3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I don't really go trophy or achievement hunting often, but I've gotta say that I like the system and aesthetics of trophies more than achievements. I like how there are 3 levels of difficulty (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) which numerically translates how hard you worked in getting those trophies. For example, there are more bronze trophies than silver, and more silver than gold; the rarer the trophy, the more satisfying it is to collect them...

Which ultimately leads to the rarity of Platinum trophies for completing all said levels and the reward of its aesthetic and numerical value is not only pleasing to the eye, but to the "e-peen" as well. For instance, having 10 platinum trophies is easily more rewarding than having 100 bronze trophies. It's this simple system that I feel gives a greater sense of accomplishment.

kneon3218d ago

While I don't really care about trophys or achievements the trophy system is much better. I can get a 20000 gamer score just buy getting a lot of easy achievements, but I can't get 20 platinum trophies without really working at it and having some actual skill.

With achievements, a point is a point, it doesn't matter how hard or easy it was to get it, not so with trophies.

katydarlin3218d ago

I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from unlocking achievements. I feel like I am actually making progress in a game. This is especially nice in any game that is longer than 10 hours or so...

THE MAX SPEED 213218d ago

ACHEIVEMENTS is like reaching an High Score in an Arcade game. It's always been a part of Gaming and it will always be there.

ThatCanadianGuy3218d ago

- They make the sub-par quality of 360 games more enjoyable -

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