Does The New 360 Nyko Intercooler Fix Previous Issues?

In the early months of the Xbox 360's life the Intercooler 360 was a highly popular product. IGN reviewed it back in August 2006, and at the time gave it a solid review. In the months following, however, word began to spread on the internet that some users were experiencing hardware failures related to the Intercooler. Specifically, some owners discovered short-circuits had occurred in the Intercooler's power pass-through jack that melted surrounding plastic and in some cases fried the 360.

Now, almost a year later, Nyko is launching a new Intercooler in its line of EX branded accessories designed to compliment the Xbox 360 Elite. Other than the fact that it's now molded in black, the updated Intercooler features a seriously redesigned AC pass-through plug that is far more robust than the previous release. The original Intercooler's connection was simple plastic, whereas the EX model has upgraded to a metal housing enhanced by a spring-loaded release mechanism

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tony4736d ago

i still having a hard time trusting this product after the issues that the first one had.

gta_cb4736d ago

i am not going to buy one as my Xbox 360 never overheats.

Excalibur4736d ago

I've had one on my 360 since day one (almost a year now) and never, ever had a problem. My 360 dosen't feel any warmer than the DVD player, VHS, player or any other piece of electronics I have in the same area.

The other thing I think is funny is how people complain the fan is loud...How can you hear it if your playing a game???

I have an awesome surround sound system and I sure as hell can't hear a little fan blowing.

DJ4736d ago

can't afford thousand-dollar speaker systems. The 360 still runs pretty loud, enough that it gets distracting during gameplay. Even during Gears it gets to me from time to time.

Double-Edged4736d ago


umm... i play gears almost everyday... with the other great 360 games.
I do not hear the 360 unless the volume of the TV is off.
I know you dont run gears, cuz it's an intense game. C'mon.

Are you a gamer? or are you a sissy who plays Games with their volume turned off?

Be real.. listen to yourself.... Bad image of what PS3 fanboys are.

DJ4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

makes you feel like a man, that's fine. Personally, I prefer to run my games at normal volume.

I love some of the idiots on this site though. I'm barely off Halo for like an hour and I get called a "PS3 Fanboy". I'm almost embarrassed to call myself an Xbox owner with so many morons accusing people left and right of being 'fanboys' whenever a single shred of an opinion is posted. Just to let other people know, the real world is not like this. I have yet to hear a single one of my friends even use the term 'fanboy'. These dumbasses just somehow seem to congregate on N4G. It's like a swirling vortex of stupidity. ::swoosh-swoosh!:: =P

Double-Edged4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

your simply lying when you talk about how loud the system is.
Any 360 Owner can say that It is the loudest out of all three systems......But it's not loud enough to be a distraction.

Be real man... your only lying to yourself and making yourself look like an idiot.

P.S. - you'll have to turn off your volume of the T.V. and be close to the 360 to hear the actual system.

P.S.S - you really look like an idiot when you lie. you lose credability

P.S.S.S. - No wonder you have 2 bubbles


gogators4736d ago

but I really don't here it when I am playing games. It's still one of the loudest game machines that I have ever owned.

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tehcellownu4736d ago

50 millions dollars on DCL for gtaiv!!! microsoft is losing their that money to fix the 360..damn u..and no it does not solve anythin

gogators4736d ago

ploy that will do nothing, but possibly harm your gaming machine. Except for my release 360's; my current group of the 360's haven't "narry a problem".

solidt124736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

The First thing I noticed about my 360 is that it was loud. The second thing I noticed was the disc read errors I kept getting while playing Gears of War and Rainbow Six. I stop getting the disc read errors some how but the overheating is still an issue and not Nyko but Microsoft needs to fix this. If you plan on buying this just know you are taking a risk when attaching any thing electric to your system.