Dragon Age: Origins DLC, Return to Ostagar, delayed again

Bioware's Dragon Age community facilitator writes:

"DA:O is an incredibly large, very deep and complex game, making it virtually impossible to test every system and permutation possible for each update/DLC."


"Short term, this means another delay across all platforms for the immediate console patches and Return to Ostagar DLC releases as this is a substantial increase in test coverage, and that time is needed to do so and ensure there are no other knock on issues with either the main game, the updates or the DLC."

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Rockox3220d ago

I was able to download this before it got pulled. Nothing special, really. Just another short dungeon crawl. What I liked the most about it was the resolution to Cailan's story.

Simon_Brezhnev3220d ago

hmm it was a good game but not great i wanted Duncan to live :(

3219d ago