Does a Kid Icarus Revival Have Wings?

David Taylor of TheGameReviews considers whether or not the much-desired Kid Icarus revival will prove to be a reality, and if it does what kind of reality it would be.

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cain1413221d ago

I'd enjoy seeing this happen...

SlamVanderhuge3221d ago

There are much better dormant Nintendo franchises that I'd rather see reborn than Kid Icarus. Pilotwings and F-Zero to start. Not sure why so many people want it, aside from the Captain N memories.

shoinan3221d ago

The Wii iteration is an inevitability.

gidzilla3220d ago

Pilot wings could use the Wii remote too

ThatArtGuy3220d ago

I don't have nostalgic feelings toward him from Captain N either. (I never watched that show.) I remember both Kid Icarus and Metroid coming out the same time with the "magical" password save feature. I eventually got Metroid, but bought Kid Icarus first. I never played the Gameboy version, but I should since I love that game.

BlackIceJoe3221d ago

I would be all for a Kid Icarus revival. Be it either a side-scroller like the original or an Action/Adventure game like God of War.

BetaChris3221d ago

I think the possibility of a Kid Icarus reboot died along with the closure of Factor 5.

shoinan3220d ago

But IPs don't necessarily die with their studios. Here's hoping they were working on a KI update and that it just moved on after the closure.

Picnic3220d ago

I never played Kid Icarus. Back when the NES was belatedly launched in the UK many gamers were enjoying the brilliant graphics of the Amiga and couldn't understand why shops were charging the same price (£40) for a NES cartridge as they were for a much better loooking Megadrive game. It still doesn't make sense other than confidence in Nintendo's worldwide market share at the time.

If Kid Icarus is a bit like the Metroid series then it makes sense to give it to Retro Studios. But that might be a bit obvious on its own. To make sure that people don't rest 'on their laurels' how about Retro Studios collaborating with Sega on it? Sega have worked on a Nintendo series before (F Zero GX).

nogolis3220d ago

Yeah, that's what we all need... More FPS's!! We sure don't have enough of those, huh?

Kid Icarus is little to next to nothing like Metroid at all. It's a bottom to top side scroller one level, a side scroller the next and a dungeon crawler the next. It's got a lot of gameplay going on and it's one of the more tricky nes games around. I have the best memories of playing this when I was growing up. I'd have friends come over and we'd jam it until 4 and 5 in the moring... Get 4 hours of sleep and hit it again.

If one is in the works... Don't mess it up. Don't make it a FPS and don't change what made it great. It was very kid friendly but had a bit of an edge to it... I only hope they retain that and don't go all adult with it. It'd be a shame, just like them doing it with Zelda. Wind Waker is the only Zelda 3d game worth anything to me... It kept it's style but made a leap into 3-d while doing it. OOT, MM and the last one all failed to do that.

ThaOutKast3220d ago

Just because Retro would make it doesn't mean it would have to be an FPS or FPA

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