Remedy: Alan Wake will get "a conclusive and satisfactory ending"

VG247: Remedy has revealed in a live chat to fans that Alan Wake will have "a conclusive and satisfactory ending."

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MetalGearRising3284d ago

By far Best Graphics lighting i have ever seen on any game astounding. Alan Wake is day 1 purchase. If ever there was a game worth purchasing its Alan Wake.

Pennywise3284d ago

You really should play KZ2 before you go making yourself look uninformed.

Solidus187-SCMilk3284d ago

killzone 2 is TRASH. IT also had worse fire than duke neukem.

Even sony fanboys didnt care for killzone 2 when it came out, no one cares now either.

Two-Face3284d ago

''You really should play KZ2''¨

Nobody plays KZ2 anymore, GTFO.

Pennywise3283d ago

You guys are friggin pathetic. KZ2 has better lighting then the 360 version of this turd.

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Corrwin3284d ago

It's going to get an Ending?!

GOTY! I'm calling it right now!

TheDeadMetalhead3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

I lol'd. Seriously though, it sounds better than 90% of all FPSs that have crap endings (Hello, Half-Life 2!) or an RPG that never seemed to have a story to begin with (Hello, Oblivion!).

Corrwin3283d ago

"a conclusive and satisfactory ending" sounds better than some other games to you?

You know what would be even better, if they just said it was going to be a great game. "a conclusive and satisfactory ending" sounds like a back-handed compliment at the end of a review. "As if the game sucked, but I liked the ending."

It's akin to Nintendo "announcing" Mario Galaxy 2 will have "90% new content". Why would you say that unless you were worried people were going to think it's just more of the same?

Excalibur3284d ago

Nothing saying that Alan Wake can't write another scary book ;)

Rockox3284d ago

True, although the more I think of it, it wouldn't surprise me if Alan Wake dies at the end of this game. Though alot of people would probably think it'd be a waste of a new IP.

GR8 13284d ago

KZ2 is old crap now, no ones cares about that sorry but Alan Wake has the best lighting . FACT

The real killer3284d ago

No, it's not. This game will still blow all 360 games in high heaven.
Alan wake will be a great game and i will buy this for my PC if it come to the PC.

Pleas shut your big mouth and come with some arguments instead of bashing a game.

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