PS3 RPG screens: 3D Dot, Resonance of Fate, Vesperia, Zill O'll Zero

Screenshots from four PS3 titles: 3D Dot Game Heroes, Resonance of Fate (also coming to Xbox 360, called "End of Eternity" in Japan), Tales of Vesperia, and Trinity Zill O'll Zero.

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nogolis3906d ago

Dot reminds me so much of Zelda for the nes... When I was shown some screens of it about a year ago I was really excited for it.

WildArmed3906d ago

As much as I respect their bold artstyle.. I don't like how the characters look. While I don't mind the game being in 'dot' format, I wish the sprites would be a bit more detailed. It's hard to discriminate any features on the characters.

I'mma have to let this one slide and wait for it in the bargain bin >.<

lol @ first resonance of fate screen.. they look so chubby O_O
I'm not a big fan of having the main character look like a 13 year old. o_O *cougH* star ocean*cough*.
Atm, I'm gettin FF n WKC RPGs this year.
Hopefully I'll find other RPGs worthy of a buy.. being a big RPG fanatic that I am.

Simon_Brezhnev3906d ago

i want a U.S. release date for Trinity Zill O’ll Zero

stuntman_mike3906d ago

im quiet intrigued by trinity zill o'll zero

pippoppow3906d ago

Same here. Game seems like could be really good.

Side note: Wish Tears to Tiara would get a release here. Maybe 1+2 in one case.

ZeroX98763906d ago

I want a US date for Vesperia Too :D !!! (if there is any)

Kurisu3906d ago

I have never had the chance to play one of the games in the Tales of series, so I am also hoping that it gets bought over to PS3 for NA and EU.

Kurisu3906d ago

PS3 RPG's are like Buses...

knifefight3905d ago

Will be buying 3D Dot Game Heroes and Resonance of Fate for sure. If the other two come to the US, I'm all over that as well. PS3 Vesperia is getting crazy with the DLC.