GameZone: Future Settings for Mass Effect Revealed?

In part two of their exclusive interview with Project Director Casey Hudson revealed that Earth and various other planets from the Milky Way Galaxy (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc.) may turn up as planets for players to visit.

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Caspel3193d ago

It sounds like Earth will be in Mass Effect 3 -- this may turn out to be Battlestar Galactica all over again.

Ackis3193d ago

It'll be nice to visit earth, didn't we get to visit the moon in one of the DLCs for the first one?

Rockox3193d ago

I think the mission on Earth's moon was in the actual game, not DLC (I could be wrong). Very cool visual to see Earth on the horizon during that mission.

Caspel3192d ago

the moon was in ME1 -- not much to do on it though. Hopefully Earth has a compelling story attached to it.

ilRadd3193d ago

If Earth is featured in ME3, I hope it is a major part of plot - not just a side mission/visit.

Caspel3193d ago

I hated the side-missions in ME1 ... pointless and all similar to one another.

GhostOps3192d ago

Not all of them were bad. Infact that was the only way you'd interact with Cerberus; by doing the side missions.

Granted, the collect-a-thon missions were pretty boring.

But yeah, the return to earth for my Shepard's gonna be awesome (he was born there :P)

Caspel3192d ago

well, let me rephrase -- they were fun at the start... but as time wore on, it became apparent that they weren't as entertaining when I first began the title.

GhostOps3192d ago

Ah, I guess I could see where you're coming from. While doing my replay last week I felt the same way; infact I'm wrapping up a playthrough of another character and I dread just doing the two side-missions that are tied to Feros.

I hate the completionist in me.

Tony P3192d ago

Hm. Banking on major plot point.

People want to explore future Terra, not just retrieve some gewgaw and bounce. I don't think Bio would be *that* stupid about it.

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BossKamikaze3193d ago

that would be so cool if earth was there :D

jstefanovic3193d ago

if they do introduce Earth in ME3, they will have to develop story around going to it, right? Maybe they should have some DLC in ME2 to introduce 'why go to Earth'

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The story is too old to be commented.