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Gamervision says, "Last week, I asked the gaming community to choose the game they would play for the rest of their lives if they could only have one. There were some pretty good responses, so today I'm asking a similar question. Imagine, once again, that you're in a situation that only allows you to have one video game system, past or present, for the rest of your life. The scenario, once again, is yours to pick; it could be a deserted island, or a dystopian future. Maybe you're being held in a prison on a life sentence and the inmates are only allowed one system, and can never choose again. Whatever the imaginary circumstances, pretend that you can choose one system (including handhelds), but all of its functionality, online and off, remains. The one stipulation I will add is that while you can choose the PC, emulators of any kind are outlawed and inaccessible. Left with these parameters, what would you pick?"

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meepmoopmeep4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

60GB PS3 - Backwards compatible ftw

EDIT: see comment 11 @spunnups

StanLee4202d ago

Gotta go with the 60 gig backwards compat PS3.

PotNoodle4202d ago

My 60gb PS3?

Like said above, PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSN! Best games library evar!

JoySticksFTW4202d ago

Wii next. No joke... Virtual console takes care of nearly ALL Nintendo systems with the addition of Sega, Turbo Graphix, C64, and more. Pretty cool if you're an old school gamer

ceedubya94202d ago

I was going to say PS1 or PS2, but you guys that said the 60 gig PS3 hit the nail on the head. Its all three consoles rolled into one. Covers three great generations of gaming.

Tony P4202d ago

It's impossible for me to pick just one even as a mental exercise. And miss out on all those sweet games that didn't come to the platform I picked? Hurts me head to think about.

alpha-rain4202d ago

One word: SNES.

the snes has the most classic and memorable games. EVER.

Monchichi0254202d ago

It would be a tough choice between my 360 and PS3 but think the 360 would win out. Think it would come down to the control. Then again, I'm still waiting for my XCM Cross Fire adaptor so I can use my 360 control on the PS3 soooo, I might change my mind in the future!!!

Microsoft Xbox 3604202d ago

Gotta agree with the 60GB PS3 choice. It only does everything.

A Cupcake for Gabe4202d ago

PS3 Classic BC 60gb but with a 1TB HDD instead

Pillage054202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

60gb BC ps3 would be an easy choice. ps1,ps2,ps3,psn...and I don't think anyone's mentioned yet that one could install linux on the ps3 with no problems and play some emulators on older consoles like atari, and nes...and probably snes. youd also have a web browser (ps3s own browser or anything you can install on linux) movie and music player (again ps3's or linux)

EDIT: Ceekay beat me to the linux thing

evrfighter4202d ago

I'll take my pc loaded with nes, snes, genesis, dreamcast, ps1 and ps2 emulators and of course. The thousands upon thousands of pc games released for it.


PC it REALLY does everything

starvinbull4202d ago

60gb PS3 which I downgraded to from my 40gb PS3.

Otherwise I'd have to go with the original Playstation which has countless classic RPGs, half of which I haven't played.

ThatArtGuy4202d ago

no emulators. I said "newest one" just so you could have a different system constantly. They didn't say anything about that in the rules. LOL

silvacrest4202d ago

the PC can hardly play ps2 emulators so with that massive library of games gone i would have to go with 60GB playstation three, generations of games on one console plus a web browser, linux and PSN games is to good to pass

Oner4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Personally I would go with either a 60gb or early 80gb PS3 because then you have access to

HDD External & Internal Upgradability
HDMI 1.3
Free Internet
Streaming Capabilities
Memory Card Adapter
USB compatibility for things like Camera's, Wheels, Thumb Drives & etc
Bluetooth for additional things like headsets, keyboards, mice & etc
Contribution to medical research with protein analysis

Did I forget anything?...Oh yeah ~ the Linux capability feature(s), And while I know there are "no emulators" allowed in the question that doesn't change the fact what I would do nonetheless, because Linux does give you access to any number of Emulators which adds THOUSANDS more games available to you! Here are some to name a few

Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Color
Sega Genesis/MegaDrive
Sega Game Gear
Sega Master System
Famicom Disc Sysytem
Turbo Graffix 16
Wonderswan Color
Atari 2600
Atari 5600
Atari 7800
Commodore 64

Yeah...I would definitely go with a PS3 because the question asks "If You Could Only Use One ***Console*** For the Rest of Your Life" ~ and thus that doesn't include PC's, although the article does say PC's are okay but PC's are not "consoles"! Any way/Either way that would still then allow me to be able to get 99% of the few titles that are supposed "exclusive" 360 games as well!

But if this was last gen though, that would be a but tougher because I would have to decide between a PS2 and an Xbox...both could be modded and used with Emulators but the Xbox had a slightly better offering because of modding which had my favorite dashboard ~ "XBMC". The hard part would have been could I have been able to let go of Gran Turismo? Forever?...NAH! I would probably still went with a PS2 and Emulators ;)

Narutone664202d ago

people who chose PC, good luck with upgrading forever.
For me, my 60 GB BC PS3 which I upgraded to 320 GB a long time ago.

Saaking4202d ago

Yep, I'd stick with the PS3 60 GB model as well. I'm glad I paid up for it back then and I'd do it again.

SkyGamer4202d ago

My "Special Xbox".

I am suprised no one chose an M-Xbox. I have a 500 GB HDD with clear case and lights up the wazoo. I also have the disc drive off so I can see the disc spin. Full-fledged Media Center with a library of over 300 Xbox games, over half of them hacked. I also run every homebrew games including PC games (older ones of course). I emulate virtually every console shy of the ps2/DC/GC. I even emulate Virtual Boy and Wonderswan and TI and Colecovision and more. Probably have more than 22,000 games on it.

That would be my console of choice. Not everything is about graphics! Sure it better tells a story but take a look at EDF2017. Looks like a polished Xbox game but loads of fun to play!

kwicksandz4202d ago

Nintendo 64 without a doubt

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Mucudadada4202d ago

PS2- We were so spoiled last-gen. It had everything and more.

Karooo4202d ago

PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system.

red2tango4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Best console I have ever owned. I have an 80GB BC PS3 and it gives me my gaming fix. I don't know what I'd do without PS3 exclusives and blu-ray movies. To tell you the truth, I almost always played SOCOM 2 on my PS2, nothing else. If it wasn't for PS3 exclusives like Uncharted 2, MGS4, Killzone 2, God of War 3 (and more), I wouldn't be gaming anymore.

Troll_Police4202d ago

My PS3. It has proven to be future proof for a 10 year cycle and it keeps advancing unlike the other console that maxed out in 2008.