Will Halo: Reach Redefine Halo's Multiplayer? - IncGamers Column

IncGamers' Tim McDonald checks out recent job postings and Halo: Reach news, and comes to the conclusion that Bungie has something special planned for the multiplayer.

From the column: "Much as ODST's new multiplayer options were a little stunted in comparison to the huge additions made in Halo 3, it's not a fair comparison as that was originally intended to be little more than an expansion pack. With Halo: Reach being the next big thing, I daresay we're going to see vast improvements, and while there's little in the way of official word there are enough clues that we can take some educated guesses."

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Leord3221d ago

Better multiplayer.. Is that even possible? :)

Bungie3221d ago

its Bungie

nothing is impossible

THE MAX SPEED 213221d ago

New modes , New gameplay elements , new maps. Sounds about right!

darkmurder3221d ago

As long as its supported more than say Killzone 2 in australia i'm happy!

Rockox3221d ago

Even if you don't like Halo, you have to give props to Bungie. Those guys know what they're doing. I have no doubt they'll be offering up some great things for us in Halo Reach.

The Happy Baby3221d ago

Has never failed to give the people a game they can play, providing mindless hours of fun.

WildArmed3221d ago

Regardless of my stance on Halo 3 and sequels, I simply can not believe how much variation MP offers and how many features (recording etc etc).

I mean I hated playing the MP after Halo 2, but that has never put me out from enjoying watching other people play it. The effort Bungie puts into their MP is just... gah I'm speechless for it.

Ofc, don't like their SP much.. (didn't even get around to completing the Halo 3 campaign).
I honestly can't play MP on the halo series, whether it's due to my lack of skills or how gravity works in the game or the Sci-fi theme.. I have a sincere admiration of how they support MP.

Bungie I hope you help out other devs with their MPs. There have been 3 games that I have played as much as Halo MP.. Resistance 2, CoD4 and Uncharted 2.

Honestly, we the new engine dropping in.. I can actually see my self falling in love with halo all over again.
Pity it's the last Halo coming out of bungie :(

DeadlyFire3221d ago

Reach will likely have 32 player matches. I know they have said nothing, but when a game engine supports 40 AI and up to 20 vehicles on screen at once it adds a bit of creditability to that.

Improvements to MP. Always possible. No matter what game is out there. There is always a few things that need improvement on that game.

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Maticus3221d ago

There's no doubt it will be something special, in my opinion. Halo is still a huge title.

AndyA3221d ago

I suspect we'll see something much more in line with recent multiplayer advancements. Expect levelling, unlocks, perks, customisation. Replay ability would be nice too.

mcnablejr3221d ago

the single player i presume.

The BS Police3220d ago

Unlike Modern Warfare 2 Halo's multiplayer has always been about balance and everyone starting with no advantages or disadvantages.

There will not be perks or weapon unlocks in Reach.

STICKzophrenic3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I agree with BS Police.

If, and that's a BIG IF, if there's perks and leveling, I will be PISSED. Halo 3 MP is one of the only MP experiences where I feel it's fair. Everyone has an equal chance to get the power weapons. I play CoD MP and I rarely can get anything going. I feel completely outmatched and get extremely frustrated when I see my stats vs other people's stats at the end of a game. With Halo 3, I finish near the top more than I finish near the bottom.

Also, if you want to know why the Halo franchise is so popular, just take a look at They support the community more than any other dev studio out there. It's little things like Bungie Favorites where your screenshot, video, gametype or map variation can be on display for all to view, download or play on.

The MP experience is so deep and always remains fresh due to them constantly updating playlists and map variations and such.

If any studio wants to build their franchise to be as popular, they should take notes from Bungie and follow their lead. They've been at the forefront of the (console) online revolution, and they'll continue to lead the way with Halo: Reach.

SixZeroFour3220d ago

there has always been competitive leveling, but not in the sense of unlocking for these perks (sepcial abilities, ie invisibility and sprint burst) i think they will take a cod4 oldschool mode approach to it, where, like the weapons, it will just be placed somewhere on the map and your choice to pick it up or not

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MetalGearRising3221d ago

Halo Reach.......Faint........that' s how great Halo Reach.........Faint.......will be Halo has always had great Multiplayer no other game in existence could ever come close to halo Multiplayer they can try but in the end they all fail. Millions from this day still log on to xbox live to play Halo 3 Multiplayer FACT.

OmarJA-N4G3221d ago

One more bubble to go...

Good riddance.

mcnablejr3221d ago

negative in that post.?

mcnablejr3221d ago

you are going on most rival console articles =/

dustgavin3221d ago

Did he say anything negative? Are you completely ignorant???

"no other game in existence could ever come close to halo Multiplayer they can try but in the end they all fail."

Sounds fairly negative to me. As for Halo, it may have decent multiplayer but it will always look outdated.

mcnablejr3221d ago

As for outdated? thats a big statement, coming from someone who owns a console without cross game chat.

dustgavin3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Sony can later implement cross game chat but 360 will always have outdated graphics.

So, you make it a habit to comment blindly without reading what people say?

Funny that you do not deny that the 360 has outdated graphics.

mcnablejr3221d ago

i already regret buying the ps3, so i think its a little too late.

kingdavid3221d ago

someone get rid of this noob named metalgearrising. Is he a bot or is he a droid? He cant make up his fkn mind. Seriously man, Im up in arms. Your Heavy rain comments left me as bewildered as a droid finding out ff13 is gonna be on the xbox.

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Redrudy3221d ago

It's generating a lot of buzz right now. I agree with AndyA on what to expect from it.

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