Future Publishing bet that Blu-Ray is the future

Publishing giant Future takes steps to secure copyright for Blu-ray magazine.

Future publishing have released a free Blu-ray promotional supplement Total Blu-ray, which is to be included with Total Film & DVD Review. While this may seem to be nothing more innocuous then a standard advertorial its release is actually to secure Future the trademark so that they have exclusive rights to release a magazine titled Total Blu-ray which is due to launch when the user base increases

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tehcellownu4727d ago

another nail stabbed in the heart of ray is the future..

Double-Edged4727d ago

The war still continues.

Same news all over and over again.


Uganda644727d ago

They, like everyone else in business beyond Toshiba, MS and Universal (soon to crack) have put their support behind Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray has shredded HD-DVDEAD in sales and has taken control of USA, PAL and Japan.

A few opinions saying the war may not end/will end in a stalemate are obviously incorrect.

Sony: Blu-ray has won
Australian companies: Blu-ray support
Almost all hardware and movie companies: Blu-ray support
Blockbuster: Blu-ray support
Publishing house: Blu-ray support

Opinion piece by random internet analyst: Umm...both will lose! (Now that they can't bull**** people into thinking HD-DVDEAD can win since its a lost cause. "If HD-DVD can't win NO ONE CAN so nyeeaah")

Blu-Ray has won, and I for one welcome our new Blu-Ray overlords. May I add that I can be of use in herding HD-DVD owners/supporters into the disc-mines.

boi4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

Well i believe Blu-Ray has won I mean like look at the stats lol you can't really say HD-DVD will win over it can u...but yea either way i don't really mind because im not a blu-ray/HD-DVD collector lol but will buy a disc for a gd movie and in my personal opinion i would prefer Blu-ray

sonarus4727d ago

this is just silly. I predict this war will end by the end of the yr. I am jst glad WB is releasing 300 on blu ray as well as hd-dvd and not shafting us like they did the matrix. If matrix was blu ray i would have totally bought the entire trilogy but am sure msoft paid for temporary exclusivity or something of the sort. We all need to hurry up and adopt the blu ray format so we can get star wars episode 1-6. Now that will really be something a blu ray hardware sales mover lol

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