Microsoft man has dig at GT5 delay

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has taken a cheeky pop at the repeated delays to the release of PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo 5.

As you'd expect, the Microsoft Game Studios boss is a big fan of Xbox 360's rival racing series. "I think Forza continues to define the racing genre," he told Eurogamer earlier this week.

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Darkeyes3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

As usual M$ spewing crap and showing what they are made off... Why not mind your own business... Your speaking ill of GT5 isn't gonna earn Forza any more sales (in fact it actually pisses people) and it won't stop GT5 to be one the best racing games this gen and will probably be the best selling game as well.

All M$ is doing is tarnishing it's image more (not that they haven't already).

Strange_Evil3194d ago

Goes to show how desperately MS wants the GT crown and how miserably it's failed. Taking ill about someone once in a while spurs competition especially in sports, but when you keep on beating a dead horse, then it seriously screams jealously and a 'WANNABE' tag is imposed on you.

Forza is a GT 'WANNABE' and MS just confirms it every time they open their mouth about it.

THE MAX SPEED 213194d ago

so any race sim is a GT wannabe?

might as well say that ratchet and clank is a Super Mario 64 wannabe.

whoelse3194d ago

This arrogance isn't a good image to have. Sony learnt that a few years ago.

Strange_Evil3194d ago

Have you ever heard Insomniac or Sony talk ill about Mario? No cause they don't care since it's not related to their platform or hamper their sales. It's human tendency to talk something crap about something you want to become but circumstances don't let that happen. It's the same thing at jobs when most subordinates despise their superiors behind their backs... As I said human tendency.

Did I say Forza was a bad game... No, but still it didn't have the wide spread 'Forza gonna take the GT crown' effect it was hyped up to be. Hell the game died from news just 2 week after it's launch. So it's a sorry state that MS has to resort to such bashing only to spur the public's interest. Hence it's a WANNABE.

Alcon Caper3194d ago

Haha, this article reads WAAAY too much into what he said. All he said was that Forza is the only competitive racer that has shipped. That's all. Haha, at the Sony fanboys, "What's THAT supposed to MEAN!?"

It is what it is.

Bungie3194d ago

i can't say i disagree with M$

you can't compete with a game that still not released

they said nothing wrong forza 3 is the best racing game this gen "for now"

Shadow Flare3194d ago

The reason microsoft don't spend this amount of time with forza is why forza will always be in gran turismo's shadow. Play it safe microsoft. Its what you're good at. Sony will always be the one who takes the risks and pushes the boundaries

Godmars2903194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

When the makers of said race sim constantly compare themselves to GT, bring up GT, then yes. Yes the are.

"you can't compete with a game that still not released"

Pretty sure all this started over GT5p, which Forza 3 still doesn't compare to.

Killjoy30003194d ago

I'd like him to comment on the delay of Splinter Cell Conviction and Alan Wake. I thought PR's were supposed to tout their own accomplishments, not talk crap about other companies doing their thing just fine. In fact, I don't see any sense at all in trashing a company doing what you do but better.

Frankly, after having such a terrible catalogue of games for 360 in 2009, Microsoft shopuldn't be saying anything abourt GT5's release considering Sony pumped out Killzone 2, Infamous, Demon's Souls (GOTY), Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (GOTY), and ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time and God of War Collection all in one year.

jcgamer3194d ago

cause when you diss, it just lets me know what's on your mind...

GT5 FTW :)

nycredude3194d ago


Rachet and clanktod and ACIT is better than Maria 64 was. Way more fun and imaginative.

tordavis3194d ago

Let's not forget Forza is on 3 and GT is on 5. When Forza is on 5 I'm sure it will be up to GT's 1080p/60fps standard. For now it's Forza's customization features that make it a stand out and I don't mean livery either.

GT5 is gonna be a monster. Wait til it drops. Single console owning rigz will dismiss the competition. Dual console owning gamers will enjoy both games. This delay just means more time with Forza 3 which is great!

Antan3194d ago

^^^ Well the 1st 2 GT`s were on the the PS1.....

And we`ve already had 2 Forzas compared to what is arguably described as only a demo of GT on the PS3.

bpac1234567893194d ago

At this point I think that every attack on gt5's numerous delays are justified. Infact, I smile when people attack it because somethings gotta give. Just asking for kaz to release the game isn't enough he feels like people are going to wait forever for his game. So mabye dissing the game is the only way to get him to wake up.

PoSTedUP3194d ago

I have been waiting so long for GT5. I'm getting ready to sell my ps3 for some crack, I cant take it anymore.

MmaFanQc3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

how can it be delayed "AGAIN" if the game release date was still TBA?

first "Forza 3 will KILL GT5" .....forza 3 did average sales....

then the lie about imaginary delays when the game is delayed for the first time(for japan)

ms pr should seriously stfu a focus on doing others games....because halo and gears ...and halo....and more halo....kinda lack in variety.

Rampant3194d ago

In your bashing of Microsoft for talking crap about a company´s business, you just talked crap about a company´s business.

tatical3194d ago

@ tordavis

"Let's not forget Forza is on 3 and GT is on 5. When Forza is on 5 I'm sure it will be up to GT's 1080p/60fps standard."

GT5 is a new game & totally rewritten from the ground up, there wasn't ANY code used from GT1 - GT4 (that's why its taking so long). MS knew GT5 was going to be 1080p @ 60 FPS all along, just like we did. I think the Forza game engine is fine, but what's holding it back is the 360 hardware.

A quick google search for the new GT5 code:

reaferfore203194d ago

Even more free publicity for GT5 from the competition. You'd think they'd realize this by now.

To reiterate: Forza 1,2, and 3 have all came out after GT4. If PD were worried in any way they would have pumped out 3 games by now to try and beat the competition.

Christopher3194d ago

No single game defines any genre. Not Halo. Not Uncharted 2. Not God of War. Not LittleBigPlanet. None. What defines a genre is the sum of the whole and nothing less.

Anyone saying as such is just fluffing their feathers and making themselves look extremely arrogant by even thinking such a thing.

BrianC62343194d ago

That's strange. The link had nothing about some idiot at Microsoft spouting off like usual. All I see are videos of GT5. As for Microsoft though, they should shut up. GT5 will end up being a lot bigger than Forza 3. It will be worth the wait. Forza is boring. Same old thing version after version. I'd rather play an old version than keep paying for the same old thing. And as far as I can tell, GT5 hasn't been delayed yet. There was never a release dated given. GT5 will be out when it's ready.

Microsoft Xbox 3603194d ago

Repeated delays? Oh wait this is Eurogamer.

TotalPS3Fanboy3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

at the thought of GT5 "delay".

Hanif-8763194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

If Turn 10 never did talk crap about GT5, i'd actually consider buying it until "The Real Driving Simulator" which is undoubtedly Gran Turismo 5 but i'll just continue to wait patiently. However, i'm actually happy that they delayed it because i'm expecting a better game than what it would of been.

thesummerofgeorge3194d ago

That was kind of a ridiculous comment. The number is arbitrary, GT5 is a new game. Turn 10 and PD both started out with equal opportunity to make whatever game they wanted and put in as much time and effort as they wanted (theoretically of coarse). The number next to a game has absolutely nothing to do with how good it is. Not to mention T10 were the ones that talked trash about GT5, they were the ones that built up this hype about them knocking GT5 out of its top spot. There's no defending them, T10 deserves to be criticized hard, and if and WHEN GT5 blows F3 out of the water, T10 deserve to eat their nasty words.

DaTruth3194d ago

I'm having a hard time picturing Mario with a giant gun!

hiyaku3194d ago

Microsoft running scared. :-)

Anon19743193d ago

And Gears of War? And Gears 2? And Halo ODST? Let's not even start with Alan Wake. Fable 2 DLC? etc...etc...
Delays are an inevitability and have been for years now. Another petty comment from a Microsoft exec. Perhaps you should worry about your own business instead of pointing fingers at others.

4Sh0w3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

OK, first of all read the qoute, it looks like Eurogamer is making more out of what he said than it is.

He is a PR guy for microsoft, while that does NOT mean he should "bash" the competition it DOES mean he is expected to say microsofts exclusive games are the best.= Thats all he said, saying "especially" when referring to of course GT5 not shipping yet, isnt even the most confident message, because that means he is simply indicating that F3 is the best "genre defining" racing game CURRENTLY but really isn't sure if it will be when GT5 ships.

How on Earth are those statements bashing GT5?

But let me guess when sony recently says GoW3 isnt possible on 360, he's 100% right and should not be questioned. n4g BS

EVILDEAD3603193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

LOL @ all the sensitivity to the truth. Forza 3, which was famously bashed by 360 haters from her to the GAF, turned out to be a great game and a formidable opponent.

At the end of the day in 2009 , Turn 10 delivered and shipped. GT5 talked about all it's amazing features, but won't end up shipping outside of Japan until an entire year later.

Look, we all know GT5 is supposed to have the cake and eat it too..but it pretty telling when the demo came out and nobody wants to tell the truth about it not living up to the hype. At least until, they finish cooking what's in the oven.

GT5 will be massive and it'll obviously be the best racing game when it's finally released. But, it does make you wonder what would have happened if they shipped the game in 2009. Until then Forza 3 is the best out there.

But, I honestly can't freakin' wait to play Nascar and Indy with the geniuses of PD at the wheel.


Karum3193d ago

Actually you'll find LBP DOES define it's genre. It is the pioneer of the Play, Create, Share genre - thus it is the defining game in the genre. Ironically it's the only game in the genre but it's about to have a partner.

Oh and I'm sure you'll find plenty of argument that Uncharted 2 and God Of War are the defining games in their genre because they are simply the best of the best in their given genres.

Alvadr3193d ago

GT5 Prologue which is just a glorified demo sold 4.5million.

I wonder what the Microsoft man thinks of that

Saaking3193d ago

MS KNOWS that GT is MUCH bigger than Halo. They've got reason to be scared.

DMason3193d ago

Please, are you guys really whining about the fact that MS took a shot at GT5? This is business. I dont know if you know this, but this is a COMPETITIVE BUSINESS. It's normal for competitors to downplay each other. You people act like Sony is some Buddhist company that doesnt engage in belittling.

For hundreds of years it has been normal for companies to do this. Politicians air smear campaigns all the time on the radio, tv, and newspaper. This is no where near a smear campaign, but for people to whine and cry like it hurts their feelings is completely absurd.

Why is everyone so sensitive? Good for Microsoft. They're telling the truth without worrying about their image. GT5 has taken way too long, and everyone knows it. I can almost guarantee that more people are grinning at this than complaining about it. Only the N4G community would get pissy about it. Grow up.

Anon19743193d ago

DMason said "It's normal for competitors to downplay each other."

Not really. When was the last time you heard Toyota execs take a shot at Honda? Or Exxon take a swipe at British Petroleum?

Most businesses let their services or products do the talking. Most businesses focus on the promotion of their own products without drawing attention to competitors.

Quite frankly I think people in general have a distaste for this type of self promotion. I know I do. Even when watching competitive sports, don't you love to see the guy who runs his mouth get wailed on by the guy who lets his abilities do the talking for him?

Socrates3193d ago

I think you are wrong there, darkride66.

But you know even if that were true in general, it doesn't mean much here in this context because Sony runs their mouths just as much as Microsoft.

DMason3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Darkride said: "Most businesses let their services or products do the talking. Most businesses focus on the promotion of their own products without drawing attention to competitors.:

Sorry Darkride but you're wrong. When's the last time you saw a commercial with Sprint dissing Verizon over coverage areas? Today. How about the last time you saw a commercial on how one laundry detergent brand is better than the other? Today. How about the last time you saw a commercial about Burger King boasting their "grilled" burgers instead of McDonalds "microwaved" burger? Yesterday.

You are fooling yourself if you think that this doesn't happen. These companies are boasting their product, and comparing them to others. This is business. Argue all you want but I'm right. This has been going on for hundreds of years.

EVILDEAD3603193d ago

Not to jump in this..but I was laughing at the statement too.

Businesses compete all the favorite example is the MULTI-MILLION dollar and very successful Apple vs. PC ads.

What other example does Darkride need..but the truth is it isnt about that at's about WHO said it..and not what was said.

The usual suspects spend their entire history on bashing Microsoft and any of it's games..but let a rep say we have the best racing game by default..
and it OMFG..whoa is me..the can hear how hard they type through the words..then they say to themseves..why don't some of the letters on my keyboard work anymore?

The oversensitivity reeks hypocrisy..the bottom line is they can give it all day..but can't take it..

The title obviously oversensationalized what was said..but the bottomline is they can't dispute that the rep spoke the truth.

If Gran Turismo in its final form does not release worldwide before the 4th it or not..Turn 10 had a point.

Will it matter at the end of they day? Nope..when GT5 is finally released a whole lot of people will buy it for the PS3.

So again..whats all the RAH RAH about?

DMason3193d ago

Lol, I cant believe I didnt think of the infamous Apple vs PC ads. Those are prime examples of company feuds.

likedamaster3193d ago

I'm sure it'll be good when it drops but you can't deny its lost a lot of fans due to the delays.

4Sh0w3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Why does it seem you act so naive and have selective memory when its convenient....actually if you go back and read many of the sony PR and dev statements start at launch with Lair, Resistance, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, SOCOM and so many others all the way up to now with the soon upcoming release of MAG and GoW3, there is a common trend behind their rhetoric, "only possible on ps3", or in other words sony's entire marketing scheme for ps3 games, is that the 360(and obviously the wii) are inferior by comparison. I don't about you but to me thats a recurrent "dig" at 360.= Makes perfect marketing sense, instead hoping people will think so, NO= you tell them so.

Now I know you will say "Well but thats the truth", OK its your opinion but I'd disagree, and here's why; I own both and on any given day imo the games speak for themselves and both are great games with stregnths and weaknesses, even speaking technically while imo KZ2 shows the most muscle its lessened by some key flaws, UC2 is no doubt a masterpiece because it has the most pro's and least con's from an overall technical and fun/quality standpoint, however a game like ME, with its flaws for me is a better game/experience, although I completely understand WHY UC2 is highly rated but whats sort of funny, if the first time I had heard these statements were AFTER maybe KZ2, and then maybe UC2, although I still wouldn't believe it, based on my general gaming knowledge/experience of how things progressed every other gen then I would at least understand where they are coming from in trying to make a point to say these 2 games really show off the power of ps3 compared to other platforms. I've seen that in every console generation, a handful of games that really exhibit the best of what the each platform can do at different stages, but in the end I just take that as sony/devs having every right to bragg because they certainly contributed the right resources to some very talented developers and made a great game. However, I just don't put much weight in those type of comments because its been said about so many ps3 exclusives in one way or another, it really doesn't have that much creditability beyond the loyal ps3 community, for instance Heavenly Sword not possible on DVD and there's plenty more similiar statements I can show you like that for some other ps3 exclusives that (imo) were just solid games, nothing spectactular compared to 360 games, now sure I understand it may be true in a purely technical sense, but that's not much difference between saying that and saying any 360 exclusive **made/built the way it currently is built/coded" isn't possible to run on the ps3, because I certainly didn't see anything from a depth of quality any the ps3 games I played that you couldn't reproduce in a nearly identical same game on the 360.

Where I differ with most n4g sonyfans is that I think upcoming games show the 360 can offer the same quality and certainly both consoles will continue to raise the bar over the next 2 yrs or so.

Where I differ with most loyal xbox fans is that I agree in the end ps3 certainly has the higher potential of the 2 platforms even though imo like I said we're still at least a couple of yrs away from reaching the 360's technical limits.

Anon19743193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

DMason said "When's the last time you saw a commercial with Sprint dissing Verizon over coverage areas? Today. How about the last time you saw a commercial on how one laundry detergent brand is better than the other? Today. How about the last time you saw a commercial about Burger King boasting their "grilled" burgers instead of McDonalds "microwaved" burger? Yesterday. You are fooling yourself if you think that this doesn't happen. These companies are boasting their product, and comparing them to others."

You see, I've never seen ads like these. Laundry ads don't diss other laundry detergents. I've never seen a burger king ad even mention another restauraunt. We don't have Verizon here and our cell providers don't really boast about coverage areas (they're all the same here anyway). When companies advertise, they just don't resort to this kind of "dirty pool".

I'm beginning to think this type of company behavior might be a US phenomena, which would explain why we see Microsoft bash the competition all the time, but don't see this recipricated by Sony, or Nintendo. Sony and Nintendo will generally promote their products, but generally you never hear of them say anything dereogitory about their competition. In the US, with all their attack ads (I've seen some political ads from the US before and found them. If you've never seen this time of thing it'll shock you what they get away with) maybe this type of advertising is mainstream compared to the rest of the world.

Even the PC/Mac ads are much more snippy in the US. Try going to youtube and compare the UK PC/Mac ads to the US.

You guys do have a point, it's just appears to be very much a cultural thing. The way business is done in the US and they way company's present themselves is very different then what we see up in Canada, or what I've experienced over in Europe and my limited time in Japan. I really wasn't aware that that type of advertising and company behavior was so commonplace in the US.

@4Show above: Exactly my point. Sony isn't singling out specific competition and bashing, in your examples they're simply promoting their product and giving examples. You're linking to opinions presented by developers, not Sony execs, and even then they aren't bashing a specific game or system like we see Microsoft (particularly Greenberg) do over and over and over again. I really think we're just seeing a difference in business culture at play here.

In the end, I just find these kind of digs classless. If you insist on taking digs at other products, it says the same thing to me as when someone takes shots at someone else. It just shows that you're insecure for some reason.

4Sh0w3193d ago

Now you want to pretend its just a "American culture" thing, bro I been all over the world and although I speak English I can tell you, one of the things I like to do before I crash in a hotel room in a foreign country is watch the local tv and although I admit American ad's seem alot more hostile, there are plenty of competing ad's where foreign companies try to promote their product over another competing brand from that region, from what I could tell there isn't a whole lot of bashing going on but generaly funny ways to outdo the competition. I particularly remember a baby commercial in Japan where they had 2 of what I assume were popular detergents, and a big play pen where clothes washed with the 2 brands were pile into to seperate areas and they let some newborns play in both piles of clothes, after elapsed time all the newborns ended up migrated to of course their pile of clothes, and eventually falling asleep, I assume because they were saying "hey buy our detergent it makes your clothes softer than the other brand shown here and baby's like it". Yes cultures are different but not that different, especially when it comes to business/sales.

vhero3193d ago

There arrogance is all they got left..

Game13a13y3193d ago

definitive? LOL Forza 3 has nothing on GT5. i have both GT5p and Forza3, and Forza3 is worse in every aspects comparing to GT5p. GT5p feels much more nature and more accurate to cars in real-life. i've driven quite alot of cars, my own cars, my friend's, or relative's cars. BMW 3, BMW 5, BMW 7, Audi TT, G35, G37, IS350, 350Z, 370Z ... just to name a few... and i can surely tell you playing GT5p really makes you feel like you are behind the wheel of the real thing, whereas on Forza3 kind of feels like you are floating on a boat or something.

Anon19743193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

You admit it yourself. American ads and company practices are much more hostile. Yet you think business is the same everywhere, but it's not. If you're interested, I suggest you read up on Japanese business philosophy and how vastly different it is from western views on business.
Or even check out this great speech on TED about the differences between eastern and western cultures (we're looking at India here) and how different their business philosophy is. Business IS vastly different the world over. It's very much a western idea that "capitalism is the same all over the world" and thus business is the same but, as countless examples of failed business ventures that tried to succeed in foreign markets can attest to, that is not the case.

Remember, we're not simply talking about Company A recommending their product over Company B. That, of course, happens the world over. We're talking about the way they do it, and American advertising, business and even their political campaigns have taken a very different approach then the rest of the world.

Even gamers who have played at length on XBL (primarily US based) versus PSN can attest to the fact that Americans, in general, are a helluva lot more hostile then if you get thrown in with a match full of Brits, Canadians, French, Japanese, etc...etc. I'm not saying it's good or bad - it's simply cultural and I didn't really understand before why Microsoft was always running their mouths about their competition. When that other poster mentioned ads in the US that I hadn't been exposed to, the light just went on in my head. It's totally a cultural thing.

KingME3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

What you failed to realize is that 40-50 percent of the business that you see advertising on American television are foreign companies doing business in america. Besides, it's not a question of how the message is conveyed, it whether or not the moron watching the commercial is educated enough to get the point.

"Only possible on PS3" although in most cases it pure BS this is a loaded two fold comment. Does it mean, only possible because we own it and no one else is going to have access to it, or does it mean only possible because the PS3 is the only machnine capable of doing it. The ladder is what Sony wants you to think and for most of the young ignorant bucks around here, this is how it is preceived. But in a lot of cases the first example is truly the only reason it would not be possible.

This is a sneaky way of collecting would be clients, I would much rather see a blunt advertisement that gets straight to the point and weave through the cloud of BS.

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sabestar3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Oh dear, they just can't keep their mouths shut now can they? I used to like Microsoft, why do they like acting in a selfish way. Nintendo is dominating and doesn't say as much silly stuff as them. Sony dominated for 2 generations and are doing well this gen with their awesome exclusives and they also don't act this way.

I mean come on, a little bit of respect here wouldn't hurt!!!

gamer20103194d ago

Oh come on, Sony say the same kind of stuff. It just gets ignored, because the whiny PS3 fan base are the only ones that make a big deal about this kind of stuff. You can get easy hits if you put up an article about some comment Microsoft made, because the rabid PS3 fan base just works itself into a frenzy over it.

Karum3193d ago

Perhaps you'd care to link us to quotes of Sony bashing exclusive 360 titles?

Sony aren't angels by any means but I am at a loss to come up with a single instance of someone at Sony taking a dig at a 360 exclusive.

Prove me wrong.

DMason3193d ago

All I hear is whining. People are crying over this. It's just business. Who cares? Why are people taking it so personal? I'm sick of all the over-sensitive cry babies at N4G

FiftyFourPointTwo3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Whats his name? Oh right, its Fail Spencer.

Watch how GT5 totally obliterate Snorza 3 in terms of QUALITY, SALES, and REVIEWS. GT5 Metascore will be no less than 95 and will easily sell 5 million copies. Even ModNation Racers is more than enough to crush Yawnza 3.

Two-Face3194d ago

I don't think Sony fanboys should be talking about sales. Because every game that was over-hyped from them flopped in sales. YES SALES. Though, the quality of the games are brilliant and it get's AAA reviews.

3194d ago
FiftyFourPointTwo3194d ago

I dont know why, but after reading the title again, the words "Microsoft Man" made me chuckle. Fitting title for TheTruth imo. xD

happy_gilmore3194d ago

the crapbox hasn't gotten a good game since 2007

iron_sheik3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

not even 800k ww ltd

KZ2 sold over 3m copies and is still selling --1m in USA alone

MGS4 sold 5m
UC2 is around 3m and selling. UC2 reached 1m in USA...flopza3 --just250k
LBP reached 3m

FYI even GT5P sold 4.5m copies..more than all x360 racers combined

what were you saying?

and what happened to flopza3? megaflop of 2009

Gt5 will outsell flopza3 /sell 5x as much as flopza3 based on just 1st week sales

flopza3 couldnt even reach 250k in US lol

GT is away bigger franchise than halo
also Gt5 will outsell all x360 games. dont even go there

FF13 will sell atleast 3x as much on PS3. It could well be 10x since no one in the right mind purchases a 4 DVD boxset with compressed video at 720p

3194d ago
36T3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

"You know that GT franchise sold easliy more than Halo, right ? I know you were at school, but still"

Easliy?? What? lol! How many PS2's were sold again? I'm itchin to see the sales of GT5 on the PS3rd. So wait.. Halo 3 sold 10 mil with a user base of 30-35 mil. Right? The highest selling GT game sold what? 15 mil? one eighth of the PS2's user base? lol. Now thats embarrassing.

cmrbe3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

You do know that GT3 which sold 15 million copies came out when there were only 19 million PS2 right?.

Man you bots are beyond stupid. The I.Q mental classification should have a lower classification than idiot to classify you bots.

Anorexorcist3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

I was just about to bring up that same point: GT3 was released in 2001. The PS2 was still in its infancy at that point in time and there certainly was not even over 30 million PS2 units sold at that point.

36T, Don't be using present-day PS2 unit outlays with 9-year old sales figures for GT3. You are either very desperate or very stupid.

ThatCanadianGuy3193d ago

*Slowly claps hands*

36T continues to prove he is without a doubt the biggest idiot on N4G.

Socrates3193d ago


But here is the dirty little truth that you guys conveniently overlook when you brag up GT3's sales: yes it apparently sold 15 million and yes there were only around 19 million PS2s sold when it came out, but that doesn't mean that GT3 sold 15 million copies WHEN the PS2 only had a 19 million installed base. No, in fact it took a long time for it to sell that many copies.

It came out when there were only 19 million PS2s sold, but it didn't sell 15 million copies until much later when the installed base was much larger. So, the large PS2 installed base did have a positive effect on the sales of GT3 and you can't automatically assume that GT5 will sell anywhere close to that on the PS3 with a much smaller install base.

In fact, I could find no solid sales figures for Gran Turismo 3 after the first few years of its release that even approached 15 million copies. Where that figure actually comes from is a recent press release by Sony and Polyphony Digital which stated the world wide figure for sales of all Gran Turismo games to date. I believe they also broke it down by region and specific games in the franchise. The 15 million figure for Gran Turismo 3, then, is the total number sold up until very recently.

So, it stands to reason that given the fact it took Gran Turismo 3 a long time to sell 15 million copies and the fact that Gran Turismo now has solid competition in the form of the Forza series that Gran Turismo 5 will not sell as many copies as some people are expecting (at least not within the relatively short period of time within which it will be judged.)

Udidntlistenpunk3193d ago

Not when it flopped like it did.

Game13a13y3193d ago

well, the fact of the matter is, the sales number of the whole GT series is still much greater than all of the Halo combined, even including sales on PC. man bots are dumb.

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MetalGearRising3194d ago

Not only Microsoft man has a dig at GT5 i also like to say GT5 is a poor mans wannabe and desperately trying to be what Forza 3 is which is The Definitive Racing Sim this Gen.

Karooo3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

what game has taken 60 million to make, forza 3 is the racing game for 99$ console.

GT games have sold 50 million + forza 3 is the one thats the wannabe sim racer here, rewind mode wtf.

talltony3194d ago

that its only really been delayed once.

Dev8 ing3194d ago

Alan Wake says hello. GT the wannabe? How many games have copied forza? none.

iron_sheik3194d ago

<250k in US sales LTD
<800k in WW ltd

even dirt 2 sold more than flopza3
GT5 will outsell flopza3 based on 1st day sales.infact it will sell 5x as much