Bubblegum on the jetpack: Ars reviews Dark Void

ARS: Taking over one of the flying saucers is thrilling the first time... and then you realize that you have to do the exact same thing, over and over, to do it again. Air combat is fun, but it can also be frustrating as you try to find enemies in the sky or get a clean shot with your gun; the only other option is to land on the flying saucers and go through the same tired minigame of pulling open a panel and slamming the alien inside. Once you have a saucer under your control you can fire the missiles for a slightly easier time, but the air combat starts to wear thin more quickly than it should. Using the thumbsticks to activate canned, aerial maneuvers may get you out of some tight jams, but it's never satisfying. Also problematic is the uneven framerate, especially since there is nothing going on that seems to be taxing the PlayStation 3.

It's worth playing if you're hard up for a new experience and love this kind of pulpy, classic movie-reel style of story. Just don't expect a ton of polish, a long experience, or even multiplayer to keep the game running. A fun time on a rainy afternoon, but when you're ready to return it you'll have tired of the myriad flaws and shortcomings of the title.

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