In-Depth: PlayStation Network Sales Analysis, December 2009

Gamerbytes: Last week, just ahead of the release of U.S. NPD console retail numbers, Sony claimed that December 2009 was the single highest revenue month ever for PlayStation Network.

Today we look into how that came to be, using Leaderboard and list data. Along the way, we can gain some insight into how well games like PixelJunk Shooter, Final Fantasy VIII and Revenge Of The Wounded Dragons have done in December, while also taking a look at some of the hits released earlier this year.

Here's the top downloads for PlayStation Network in North America for the month:

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PimpHandHappy3289d ago

will be getting shooter soon

chasegarcia3289d ago

if you want to game share bomberman. I got 3 slots open.

SSCOOLCHEA3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

You name a psn game I probably have it .

super rub a dub
blaster master
high velocity bowling
callin all cars
zen pinball
tetris mini
mlb the show 09 ( psp version )
hot shots golf 2
sega collection
namco essential ( i bought it for dragon spirit )
jean de arc
ad hoc party
mortal kombat 2
fat princess
marvel vs capcom 2
everyday shooter
super stardust
lumines supoernova

That is just to name a few titles from my psn collection

I am truly a real sucker for PSN

and NO I wont share with you .

PimpHandHappy3289d ago

and i would rather you share with others because of this reason... btw you do know you are only allowed 3 PS3's with your name on it now?
thanks for the offer but i dont share with ppl i cant return the favor with.

PimpHandHappy3289d ago

i still think Eden and Bowling are the best... i wish i would have downloaded Warhawk... i would play it more if i had