Edge - Out Soon: E211

Edge: Halo: Reach is, as its principal team members tell us, the culmination of all the studio's work on the series – the ultimate expression of the mix of technology and design which has made Halo a benchmark for console FPS.

We met with the leads from each department making up Bungie's team and saw two levels to find out how Reach could well be the best Halo yet released for our expansive feature, and found out why the process has made the team go full circle and look for inspiration at the series' beginnings – 2001's Combat Evolved.

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MetalGearRising3221d ago

Halo's literally that good when ever u say Halo Reach.............Faint....... ..that's how good the game looks graphically man u haven't seen nothing yet. me and my friend had the opportunity to play the BETA and we were left shell shocked speechless don't take my word for it just wait and see. PS3 has nothing on this game the magnitude of Halo Reach is just amazing.