TIGA: UK Game Industry Investment Not Enough

TIGA, the trade group that represented the UK games industry today voiced its complaints that the Government is investing disproportionately into the film industry, with the games industry suffering as a result.

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Carl14123289d ago

Because the government is crap.

mrv3213289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Unless you live on the moon and your the leader that statements goes universally for EVERY government.

The purpose of the government is to please the majority as much without upsetting the minority.... it's not to serve ONE community. The gaming community is a minority, and unless they become Australia or Germany I see no mass protests.

Edit: The article mentions revenue? Is this net profit or sigma money? If it's sigma moneu then we have no idea how each compares. Personally I see the games industry in Britain as one little growth in the future while the British film industry is rather underlooked.

Carl14123289d ago

Uh, the point isn't about the gaming community "being the minority." The point is that it is a bigger industry in the UK than the films industry, which receives hefty investment from the governnment. If they government invested more into the games industry then it would likely become even bigger and it would only be good for the country's economy.

stuntman_mike3289d ago

while labour is incharge we will never get anything good or new their just a hand-me-down government.

3289d ago
stuntman_mike3289d ago

also the fact that our biggest game developers are being sold of to foregn investers so the majority of income goes out of the country. (eidos, rare, lionhead e.g). i think the government need to stop being afraid of the rise of new technology and get on the bandwagon.