Sony botch chance to get ahead of Natal writes:-

Man I love Sony but COME ON GUYS!

In a statement made earlier today head Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai revealed that the Sony Motion Controller would be delayed until Fall/Autumn 2010. In my opinion Sony are about to shoot themselves squarely in the foot - and this article explains why I feel that way.

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hay4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

I was really hyped for both Natal and Dildo, but the more delays I see and more examples, my steam disappears little by little.
Now I'm gonna wait and see what games both receive before I buy one of them or both.

Shadow Flare4389d ago

I honestly don't think this thing is gonna be huge success. It'll be as successful as the eyetoy I reckon. They really should have released this in spring, but to get a wii like success I feel it has to launch with the console and be packed in with every console sold. And sony hasn't got the greatest history of marketing their products well. I don't remember a single eyetoy advert. I hope it will be a success because I feel the product itself is well made and it works very well. I think natal is going to experience similar problems, but with natal its going to be more because it won't work well enough. The lag will kill the enjoyment of it. I don't think either products will see wii success but will see a level of success in their own right

Mr_Bun4389d ago

The year head start that the 360 had over the PS3 hasn't stopped Sony from outselling the 360 world wide this year.

If the Wand fails, it won't be because Sony delayed it

happyface4389d ago

/facepalm at sony

another retarded decision by sony! Natal will steal all the hype in the fall and Wii will still destroy both

sony wand is going to crash and burn

D4RkNIKON4389d ago

I just hope it is delayed to add the analog stick. That was Sony's fail with the PSP and it is why I didn't buy a PSPgo!

Shadow Flare4389d ago

The difference is everyone knew the ps3 was coming and everyone was waiting for it. The ps1 and ps2 earned the respect of millions of fans and people knew the ps3 would be worth the buy. However lets be honest, sony has never really made huge successes with the eyetoy and ps eye. Sony need to show people why the motion controllers are worth buying. They need to really sell this thing to people. And honestly I think its something they'll fail at. And it really doesn't help that its releasing closer to natal now. It doesn't matter if the natal product itself will be rubbish, it matters because microsoft will market it like hell. Which is something sony won't do. Thats why this should have released in spring

Christopher4389d ago

I have to completely agree with the article. Sony is really screwing over the potential for their 'Arc' or 'Wand' by putting it so close to the release of the already way overhyped Natal. It doesn't matter which is better, marketing will win out in the end because the mass majority of people will buy one or the other, and we know Microsoft is going to make sure the one they buy is Natal.

Double Toasted4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

that dildo comment was right on time....I bursted out laughing at work...while everyone is looking at me like I'm out of my mind!

AKNAA4389d ago

"Sony had the chance to pull off what Microsoft did with the console release of this generation (ie get out ahead of the competition) but instead they have botched it completely. "

I guess Sony isn't concerned about rushing out their products just to be ahead of the competition. Its obvious that they want their wands to work perfectly as they say and is 100% reliable on release date...

Also, maybe they have a christmas ps3 wand bundle in the works to help create more buzz for their motion controllers.

Mr_Bun4389d ago

I agree with your "without marketing, the Wand will fail" idea, but without marketing, it will fail regardless of release date. If timing is of the essence, then MS have already lost since "motion-controlled" gaming has been around for a while now.

NOOBKILLA4389d ago

I believe that Sony has learned their lesson with rushing their hardware to the market before it is ready. Nobody wants to be beta testers anymore waiting for a firmware update every month. If they pushed it back I'm sure it is for a good reason. As it looks right now Natal is blowing the PS "Arc" (rumored name) out of the water. However we haven't seen any titles from either one that will make people go crazy.

I think Sony and M$ has a huge marketing plan for E3 (in June) to display some hardcore games for their motion controllers. I plan on buying both regardless…I’m a whore when it comes new hot stuff!! LOL

Jamegohanssj54389d ago

I could have sworn that Natal was being released in the Winter and Wand was in Fall?


edgeofblade4389d ago

Sony may have missed the jump start chance, but now they have the opportunity to one-up Natal instead, same way they had a chance to one-up Xbox 360.

Christopher4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

I laughed my butt when I first read this.

Seriously, Sony learned their lesson? After what?

1. XBox 360 rushed out w/RRoD and other issues and still having a larger install base as well as higher attach rate with tons of support from third party publishers?

2. Microsoft buying the whole company that did all of Sony's testing/research for camera-based motion control and capturing and turning it into their next big selling piece of hardware?

3. Home still in beta and with weak support from third parties after 3 years while Microsoft will be coming out with its own similar environment this year?

I love Sony, but they make so many mistakes with this type of stuff because they don't put enough money to get them done in a timely manner when Microsoft just pumps money where it's needed to get there at least at the same time if not before, and then win everything with their marketing.

Edit: Really wish people had to describe why they agree/disagree here. Would probably give me hours upon hours of enjoyment just reading them.

presto7174389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

A f**k up is a f**k up. Why the hell do they seem to freaking delay everything? Sony's biggest enemy is gen is themselves. They've delayed GT5 and now this.

Sony's still my favorite, but come on. That's messed up. I'm not going to sit here and blindly defend this.

Bungie4389d ago

bad move for $ony

the media is already hyping the crap out of Natal

it's not a smart move to delay the wand :(

bnaked4389d ago

It's all about the games for the new technolgies..

NOOBKILLA4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

I agree with you somewhat, however the RROD was because of the heatsink that was in the 360. I'm on my third 360 since it launched so I really know what you mean. Yes, M$ should have fixed that minor issue but I remember when I purchase my 60gb PS3 day one that thing had “software” problems. Stuff that should have been included or fixed before the PS3 launch was being implemented every few weeks via firmware updates. Don’t get me wrong I love Sony too but it was a blow, especially after I just paid $600 for my PS3.

I just think they want to cut some of the issues down if any because they know that Natal is already going to be a tough adversary.

In addition, it has been rumored since Sony 3Ds will launch this summer so will the firmaware update for the PS3 to play 3D games. They might be working on some 3D game using the "Arc". Never know.

4389d ago
Guido4389d ago

Microsoft is the only one in the game of releasing ahead of the competition despite the lack of R&D and Quality. Sony is not late to the party and they did not botch their chances of getting ahead of Natal. Natal will be an epic fail while the Sony wands will follow the footsteps of Nintendo and succeed ushering in the casual crowd to HD gaming fun. The Natal will be sparse while the Ninty and Sony motes will be sold like hot cakes.

jcgamer4389d ago

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Natal and EVERYTHING to do with Nintendo at the moment...Nintendo just made history by shattering the PS2's previous US monthly record by selling an astonishing 3.8 million Wiis in December...HELLO...not to mention that the Wii had shortages throughout the holiday (as did the PS3), and will probably sell close to a million more in January...the Wand would fall flat on its face!

NOW...Sony knows that Nintendo and MS are going to pump out serious marketing dollars and battle for motion Sony's recent success with the PS3's momentum in the US, offering a motion product at the EXACT same time as Natal will send a strong message to a new/HD consumer...does the consumer want a similar, yet advanced motion experience to the Wii, with all the trimmings and exclusives that come with the PS3...or does a consumer want a new, radical, unknown and unproven experience with Natal? and for those who don't know, Nintendo turned down the technology behind Natal...

TotalPS3Fanboy4389d ago

1 year after Natal, it will be fine.

WildArmed4389d ago

lol it reminds me of home.

Dec 07.. expect a full blown launch!
Dec 08.. *still waiting*

Now I'm not dissing home, i think they have done a great job with Home now. It's not my cup of tea, but i appreciate what they are offering.

Same goes for MOtion gaming imo, Both natal n PSMotion are not my cup of tea, but if i do ever come around.. I appreciate the options.

Remmulak4389d ago

Who is to say it is the developers who have asked to delay the release?

If they were to release it when it wasn't ready, then it could flop more than the Tony Hawk Ride skate board. Oh wait, nothing could be worse than Tony Hawk Ride skate board.

I will take release it when it is ready any day.

Another question for people who don't own an Xbox, will Natal or Arc be system sellers, or just addons for which people who own existing systems. I don't see myself just buying an Xbox just for Natal...but that is just me.

TotalPS3Fanboy4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

rushing out low quality buggy hardware.

Sony have always stand for high quality and high class.

Megaton4389d ago

Doomed, for real this time. Microsoft has been marketing Natal since E3. They're gonna go balls deep this fall. They'll make sure it sells millions, no matter how much it costs them to market. That's their strong suit, propaganda. Sony just can't compare.

Personally though, I'd love to see all this motion bullsh*t crash and burn. Controller4Life.

Hanilugtehul4388d ago

[email protected] you the one who can see into the future, i didn't KnoW, please enlighten me? realitycheck:YOU DON'T KNOW SHIIIIT AND YOU KNOW IT.
i cant wait to see what natal and wand has in store, its progress and progress is always good so all this negative bs is just sad. expand your mind, i promise you it wont hurt peace:-)

The Happy Baby4388d ago

as if they dont know what usually happens when they go head to head with MS. lol.

moneybuyseverything4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

Well the Wand release window was obviously lied about to steal thunder from Natal. It was clear the wand was not close to being finished based on Sony's embarrassing motion segment at last year's E3. What makes people think the Sony wand can even compete with such a new advanced form of motion you get with Natal?

I bet they're trying to add stuff that appears similar to some of the things Natal does, at first glance that is, tricking a few 8 year olds and soccer moms.

SoapShoes4388d ago

So if it had one upped Natal by coming out in March, it would have been worse than just releasing it at the same time. Even if they marketed it heavily in March, they'd have a popular product until Natal came out and is touted as the "new" thing. It pretty much always happens that way, where the newest thing gets hyped more than the previous stuff.

Also this way, Sony can ride on the hype of Natal.

moneybuyseverything4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

Another thing Sony might be doing is trying to ride Natal's hype, popularity and media/consumer focus this holiday. They know it's a Wiimote rip off(Sony WAND) and the wand will be seen as just another 3rd party peripheral and will be forgotten about two months after it launches. But releasing The PS3 WAND with Natal will make it seem like Sony has something on par consumers should have a look at or consider. lol

It won't make a difference Microsoft will market Natal in a way that makes Halo Marketing seem like warm-ups. The consumers already know the difference and they will know for sure with the marketing and all the top developers launch games.

SoapShoes4388d ago

Bunch of fanboys in here judging by the disagrees. Phantom disagreers with no logic are funny!

@ above, I don't think the PS Wand will be forgotten if it had good games and support for it. Which judging by the games revealed at TGS there will be. New Ape Escape designed specifically for the motion controls? Sign me up! Plus the tons of companies saying they'll port Wii games, ugh... Although to the average consumer, if the PS3 has everything the Wii does and more why buy a Wii? That question will crop up with quite a few looking into a console next year.

moneybuyseverything4388d ago

Sony did the same thing with PS3's launch. They lied about the release date to steel thunder from the 360 launch saying it was coming in spring.

Only this time(years later) Microsoft has powerful brand recognition and all the developer support. Developers depend on the 360 for revenue. These motion controls are different from the Console launches in one way though, Natal and PS Wand are the equivalent of a PS3 launch vs a Xbox 720 launch.

Bigpappy4388d ago

How is Sony going to release a product that no one knows the name of and has shown no games for. People take about the RE5 and LBP demo's, but those demos either had 2 people controlling the same character or using the controller in 1 hand and the wand in the other. Both solutions are as stupid as I could imagine.

exnihilonihilfit4388d ago

Technically, we don't know the name of Natal either, and if they stick with that name then I think they've made a dumb naming decision. Natal is the name of the project; it's a reference to birth, as they intend this to be a the birth of controller free gaming and the rebirth of the 360. That is a good project name, but not a good product name. It needs to have a name that conveys what it is. This is especially problematic because they pronounce it in a fancy french way (nuh-tall) when everyone who reads that word and hasn't seen an xbox specific advertisement will read it as it is already pronounced (nayt-uhl). The pronunciation confusion is not good for marketing, and natal is going to make everyone think of babies.

I don't think natal is going to be released this year. True, Microsoft is better at setting a date and sticking to it, but I have my suspicions that Natal is still further from being released than even they realized. The decision to remove the on board processor from it will set it back quite a bit for the developers, so I think they'll have to delay it if they want to release it with a good set of launch titles. That's just my suspicion, but I'd could easily be proven wrong.

Saaking4388d ago

Unlike MS, Sony doesn't screw they fans over by releasing a piece of hardware before it's ready.

Real Gambler4388d ago

First: They came out with the EyeToy 10 years ago. (About 80 games could use the EyeToy while it was mandatory for over 20 games)

Two: PS3 Eye came out 3 years ago (but was showed before that). Actually, 27 games use the Eye.

Hardware difference between the actual PS3 eye and futur Natal?
PS3 Eye: Camera and Microphone Array.
Natal: Camera, Microphone and Ultrasonic Sensor ONLY. They have now removed the only thing that made Natal unique, it's PROCESSOR.

Sony can now simply add a little ultrasonic sensor bar add-on under the actual PS3 EYE, and any third party devs can now make games for both consoles. There's nothing proprietary anymore in Natal. With a built-in processor (original design), they would have unloaded processing from the poor Xbox which would have been great, and they would have passed proprietary vector code to the Xbox, something the PS3 could not have used. Heck, now Sony can put two devices on the market. A little add-on for the PS3 eye, and make a Version 2 of the Eye with ultrasonic sensor built-in. Hardware wise, it's just plain off the shelf cheap stuff.

So, please, can someone tell me how Sony could be behind Natal, in motion detection??? The way I see it, it's Microsoft who's playing catch-up here.

EVILDEAD3604388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

For the first time in a long time comments from the usual suspects got it right.

Yes..Sony definitely could have made a big splash with a giant release of something NEW when nothing else out there is...cough..PS3 SLIM..cough..who could resist it?

But, other than the brilliant chess move of Slim..Sony generally is known for announcing to ward off competition and delaying until it's done.

Take Natal's E3 explosion..big day for Microsoft..still is paying dividends..

But, in the background you see Sony buying patents to voice recognition tech for ARC to compete with Natal

The advantage that the PS3 may have is the ability to give us TIGER WOODS with PS3 graphics and the use of ARC...BOOM BLOX with PS3 graphics and the use of ARC..MADWORLD (please?) and the use of ARC..

The disadvantage is the direct competition with Wii.this could be an amazing success or failure in this regard.

Natal's HUGE advantage is it separates itself from the two other competitors in this realm. This is why Wii is so successful even without the graphics.

I tell anyone..ANYONE..if you the children..the parents will follow. Child friendly NATAL games marketed as such will change the equation for the 360 sigificantly.

I LOL'ed at the article when he said 'how long can you hold your arms out for Burnout'..he's right..

But people don't get it..All Natal has to do is present those game that were in that family vid and it's already a success.

All Arc has to do is KILL NINTENDO at it's own offering up next generation graphics with Wii style games..and it too will be a success..

It's clear that ARC will go against Halo Reach..which isn't a bad move for Sony.

But at the end of the day.they all need another E3..


thesummerofgeorge4388d ago

Rather than just reacting and rushing it out before it's ready. That's MS' job.

reaferfore204388d ago

So they're coming out around the same time and that constitutes failure? I don't think either of these products are going to fail 'per se' but I believe that Natal will sell more because of the obvious marketing push behind it while the "Dildo" (as 1.0 put it lol) will work better because of the camera and wand's simultaneous functionality.

Sheikh Yerbouti4388d ago

but it isn't. It is like golf - Sony is playing the course, not the competition.

An bigger Fail is if the Wand releases with lackluster sales and no games.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19894388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

seriously with all the awesome exclusives coming out for the ps3 this year. i could care less about the wand the wand is for the fin casuals. i thought gamers on this site were hardcore gamers. but maybe im wrong last time i checked most people that know something about true gaming thinks the wii licks balls. i say f the casual ignorant bastards that wouldnt know a quality made game if it hit them in the face.....and please dont even try to say sonys wand is gunna fail yet microsoft's natal will be a success cuz ur just being stupid..... yeah id like to see someone play natal in a college dorm room, or a small appartment. most people dont even have enough space to play wii hence all the wii accidents, so how are people gunnna make space for natal. maybe something like natal will be a success in the future but not as long as a software company is trying to do it. if ur gunna say one of two is gunna fail atleast say the one that hasnt proved itself yet and the one with highly talked about lag and now lack of processor....if the ps3 wand works simular to the wii wand its already going to be a success. and we all know its going to be better than the wii wand so everyone please just step off the hype train and use some fin logic. if u can prove that the ps3 wand is gunna get destroyed by natal ifd like to see some legit facts to prove. hype just doesnt cut it.....

in conclusion any of you that are saying by delaying the ps3 wand sony is making mistake u ever think that maybe sony is waiting cuz they want to release the wand with more titles that fully support it. plus maybe they want to let the dust settle after gt5 in the summer stirs it. also maybe they want to make sure its high quality and easy and convienent to use before they realease.....think before u say things. atleast try to act mature. i have no problem people saying sonys wand is gunna fail i could care less about it but when people say natal wont fail yet it has more things going against it that s where i have to say something......

SilentNegotiator4388d ago

Agreed. I want MOAR control, baby!

vhero4388d ago

Its still out before Natal though which is out Winter..

snp4388d ago

Wow. Troll city (looking up and down the page).

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RealityCheck4389d ago

They said Spring originally, so while there was no date, there was a timeframe given by them. I suspected however that it was not going to happen. I had posted a comment about that a short while ago:

I think for Sony to launch in the same time window as Natal will be to their disadvantage, Microsoft has a large and deep marketing army in place.

edgeofblade4389d ago

It's no surprise Arc is getting delayed. Remember when the PS3 was supposed to arrive in "Spring" and it was the end of spring before they admitted it would be delayed?

jjohan354388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

If Nintendo releases Wii 2 or even a popular set similar to Wii Fit during Autumn 2010, it will easily destroy both Natal and Sony's wand. I don't think either company has the luxury to delay their motion control peripheral. And I'm speaking from a business/sales perspective.

anh_duong4389d ago

don't think sony rampant rabbit or ms neutered will be successful..

yoghurt4389d ago

"**** UPDATE **** For all the PS3 fan boys voting LAME can I just say that Sony released a date of Spring 2010 at last years TGS... Now please stop making up reasons to vote this down because you love your console soooo much! **** UPDATE ****"

Says the article writer who is jumping on an opportunity to slate sony and accuse them of 'botching'. Funny how we didn't see hardly any articles when msft's big hitter splinter cell was delayed....

moosehound4389d ago

I wrote an article on the delay of Splinter Cell Conviction and for the record I am the PS3 editor for our site being the biggest Sony fanboy on staff. I am so fed up with these petty he said/she said/mine is better than yours, petty squabbles. I wrote that update because people were slating this OPINION ARTICLE based on incorrect facts on their part. A time frame was given, expectations have been set. It was only a discussion point.

Shadow Flare4389d ago

Yeah. I don't know why people are saying there was no delay, because there was a delay. It was meant to release in spring. But even so, the way you wrote that update just makes you look unprofessional, biased and look like a fanboy yourself. Good job

moosehound4389d ago

yeah Shadow you are right - I have removed it now :( Just gets me so damn mad! LOL time to chill out and play my 360 for a bit I think ;)

Pennywise4389d ago

Submit your own articles... Reaaaally professional.

moosehound4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

@4.4 Penny are you saying I should or should not submit articles from our own site? Because if that is your argument you should also take it up with Kotaku, Joystiq, Destructoid, Sarcastic Gamer, Ign, Gamespot, Ripten, Eurogamer etc...

And my "attack" on fanboys was not levelled at PS3 users exclusively mate it was levelled at all over bearing fans the push their format until you want to scream. I enjoy games on every format and people need to take things a little less personally. I was just expressing an opinion which everyone is entitled to disagree with or agree with as they see fit. just the personal attacks need to stop.

Thanks for your comments tho.

Pennywise4389d ago

To post an article and then post the attack above in your article details is very unprofessional. Someone thought your article was lame... so what. You just attacked all Sony fans and broke the posting and gamer zone rules.

I for one will remember this and never deliver your site hits. Terrible try at justifying yourself.

boodybandit4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

and this crap brings me down about N4G turning a blind eye to this.

I don't think sites should be allowed to submit their own articles. Not only do most small sites (I am being kind to what I really want to call them) submit their own articles but in most cases have their people approve them as well. Then to top it off you have the people that own, write or work for the site come here and defend the article while putting down the members of this (N4G) site.

Without N4G "NOBODY" would know your site exist.

Why don't you people that are so interested in making a name for yourself in the gaming media let your articles SPEAK for themselves?

AhmadVGArabia4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

What is the problem if an editor from any gaming website submitted his own article?

It's an article hate it or love it, this is your choice. But don't report the article as lame because you're a fanboy. Make a comment on his website try to discuss with him (the writer of the article) if there is something wrong in the article. That's his opinion on this subject.

I have noticed that any article that has anything related to Sony do get a lot of hate without reasonings. Most of the users on N4G don't read the articles, they only read the headlines. Really Pathetic.

@moosehound don't let the haters bring you down. Keep up the good work.

boodybandit4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Thank you for proving my point.

Don't accuse me of being anything but a GAMER and I did not report this article. So when you single me out make sure you address me properly. Unlike you and most other no nothing blog sites, I am a gamer without bias or ignorance towards any console, developer, publishers or their fans. If you are going to be serious about trying to write articles maybe you should leave the ignorant fanboy comments to yourself if you wish to be taken seriously.

Oh and BTW I don't HATE anything or anyone. Life is far too short to waste my time with that emotion.

Pennywise4389d ago

AhmadVGArabia, my main problems are:

A) If you have to submit your own article - NO ONE CARES. You might be your own biggest fan, but obviously no one cares enough to submit your opinion. Good or bad.

B) The guy attacked the sony fanbase because they thought his opinion was lame. I was told by a mod once: "If you don't like the article or opinion, mark it as lame and move on". How can we move on when the submitter, who has personal stake in the article because HE WROTE IT attacks everyone who doesn't like his opinion.

Its all very petty and pathetic. Someone needs to tell all the contributors that lose to bloodmask month after month that all they have to do is make a blog site and write stories all day... after words, just submit it. You don't need fans to make your opinion mean anything apparently.

AhmadVGArabia4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

Man I have nothing against you. I'm also a gamer and I only care about games, I don't care about consoles.

"A) If you have to submit your own article - NO ONE CARES. You might be your own biggest fan, but obviously no one cares enough to submit your opinion. Good or bad."

I have to disagree with you on this one. Most of the small blogs, websites do submit their own articles on N4G so they become more popular. It's up to you to support this website or not, if you do like his articles, reviews you will be visiting his website from time to time. Also, you cared about this article because you made a comment on it.

B) "The guy attacked the sony fanbase because they thought his opinion was lame. I was told by a mod once: "If you don't like the article or opinion, mark it as lame and move on". How can we move on when the submitter, who has personal stake in the article because HE WROTE IT attacks everyone who doesn't like his opinion."

The writer of this article did make a mistake here so I agree with you. But this is an article based on an opinion as most articles are.


I have mentioned you and Pennywise because both of you brought this discussion. Also, I'm a gamer, not a hater, I do enjoy all consoles. But if I did see something not right about the gaming industry, I will write about it no matter which company is involved. Also, I'm very proud of my site One more thing, I'm not supporting this article because it's against Sony, no far from it, I'm supporting this article because I do support articles on N4G from all gaming websites.

moosehound4389d ago (Edited 4389d ago )

@Penny & @Boody
Guys I "attacked" bloomin fanboys fullstop - this was not a "GO" at PS3 fanboys! I think the PS3 is THE best platform but I can be objective and write a comment with real objections not just "Lame, there was not even a date - lame-o write your own stuff your site blows" etc. I really don;t want tto get into huge debate about the ethics of a site like N4G. I am happy to get all feedback and will listen to points of view that are not just hate filled knee-jerk reactions.

The fact of the matter is "smaller", as well as larger sites, need coverage/traffic and how do you get someone to submit your stuff if you have no visitors or visitors that can;t be bothered to do more than read your posts then move on. It's totally ethical and even the big guys do it so please back up off us. Oh and we get 100,000's of visits a day mate so I would imagine we're not THAT small.. how many do your sites get?

@Ahmed - Thanks man. The article was supposed to be a discussion/opinion piece but for some reason any anti-ps3 article on N4G gets slammed really hard, worse than any articles I write about Xbox, Wii, PSP or DS (all of which I have done before). I just lost my cool and put that stupid UPDATE in the description. The guys from N4G called me on it and I removed it BEFORE it was approved - in fact if it had not been pasted around then noone would ever have know. I even apologised for it and said it was lame later on in this thread.

@Boody - chill out.. "Ooh I'm a gamer so respect me". Why? Because you play games? He/We should respect you because of your behaviour not your supposed stature. He was not callign you out but you waded in to the argument so be prepared to be addressed.

For the final time - as I won;t post again on this section: I own ALL current gen consoles. I play my PS3 most of all and had it since UK Launch. The PS3, IMO, is THE BEST console of this generation. I write and review on all formats for our all format site and have never had a bias. The article was an industry observation that people have turned into "HE MUST HATE SONY/PS3 BURN HIM!". Thanks for reading people.

Cueil4389d ago

the difference is that Splinter Cell getting delayed opened up Feb that was already way over packed... so the delay was disappointing but it was also a relief

WildArmed4389d ago

lol while I am laughing @ all the reports.. I'm also laughing at your comment.
Lame is an opinion.. So they can report it all they like..
Now if some1 reported Old/Spam.. then you can complain.

Right now, it's like your getting mad at the disagrees you get.

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MetalGearRising4389d ago

Sony's Dildo which is now official name given is gonna flop so hard that Natal is gonna run circles around it. I would be embarrassed to walk into a game shop and ask for the ps3 dildo and walk out with a straight face Knowing very well everyone in the store are laughing behind your back.

jp_footy24389d ago

Your Jealousy of Sony is Rising...

PimpHandHappy4389d ago

your not embarrassed to walk into a porn shop and buy a real dildo!

d0nT wOrrY4389d ago

why don't you go play with your 99$ betabox instead of trolling here all the day?
oh, 360 has no games :D
tired of waiting for Alan Wait haha

Karooo4389d ago

why dont u go to halo reach news and stare at the ps2 graphics.

mcnablejr4389d ago

lol you are trolling, gt5 has taken longer? now shh