German game developing a cultural affair

Critical Gamer writes: The German videogame developer is a young, native sport. It benefits from this youth; a natural knee-up on uniqueness, sophisticated technological prowess and a better understanding of their relative audience than a lot of larger export states. Culture comes to mind first to most westerners when it comes to Germany, and not for all its tortured past. Rather, we contend Germany will be a healthy contender in the future of gaming; so with a critical look, we focus on the cultural components alone. In a series of questions to four Heads of German videogame development companies, we found different, deafening, mute, and downright comical responses. It gave all of us here a chance to look at the heart of the development core of a country that has become a seasoned vet overnight. Each question is explored and then answers given by each of the four, all exploring German gaming development as a cultural affair.

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Pidgeridoo3191d ago

Awesome interview from the guys at critical gamer!

scruffy_bear3191d ago

Yeah awesome interviews I enjoy reading what the developer had to say about the German videogame market :)

mjolliffe3191d ago

Very nice interview - Good read!

Cubes3191d ago

Good insight into the German games industry. Quite amazing the cultural differences from other countries developers.

Dan503191d ago

Too bad all the games in Germany are heavily censored. :(

Jim Crikey3190d ago

Yeah but, with no 18 certificate for games, Australia probably have it even worse!

BYE3191d ago

Good interview. I wish it had the guys from Crytek though, they are leading the industry for years now on a technological level.

Shame the government keeps backstabbing them so they might leave Germany.

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