Shepard: Twice as much voice recording for Mass Effect 2

Mark Meer, the man behind the voice of Commander Shepard in EA and Bioware's Mass Effect 2 has told RPGSite that the second in the Mass Effect series is a huge game, with so much dialogue that it took double the amount of time to record than the first game in series did.

When asked about the amount of voice content in the game, Mark was quick to elaborate just how huge it is. "I spent most of last summer recording my ME2 dialogue – it's HUGE. I'd estimate I spent at least twice as much time in the booth as I did for the first game."

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AP3192d ago

Just want to say this dude is awesome. Really fun to interview.

densai3192d ago

Wonder if the game itself is long or if it has more sidequests and branching story

Christopher3192d ago

Based on reviews, there's a lot more dialogue throughout but a lot of the extra has been said to go towards side quests and DLC.

Should note that this goes for Jennifer Hale as well, who is what I'll be carrying over since that's what I played on my PC version.

meepmoopmeep3192d ago

yeah, i played as a girl shepard as well and carrying that save over for ME2

Montrealien3192d ago

This game is epic, an accessible.

Any one who did not like the first one needs to play this game, bioware really hit it out of the park here.

Montrealien3192d ago

She is the female Nolan North, nuf said, lol

R6ex3192d ago

If only Miranda is modelled after the gorgeous Jennifer Hale ...

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josh143993192d ago

i hope the main story is longer if not i hope they make fun sidequests that are as good or almost as good as the main story

Moebius693192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Yeah that would be great the side quest where my least favourite part of the first one

BeaArthur3192d ago

My issue with the side quests in ME were more because every planet felt exactly the same with a different coat of paint. I think for every side quest there were maybe 3 different types of areas you could battle in with only slight variations. I don't mind more side quests and less main story as the long as each of the side quests don't look like all the other side quests.

003192d ago

said the planets and sidequests are greatly improved.

AP3192d ago

I've been playing; sidequests greatly improved!

BeaArthur3192d ago

How are you playing already?

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divideby03192d ago

awaits those dissing all this voice acting as they diss extended CGI for story telling....

I just shake my head when I read comments like that

MetalGearRising3192d ago

EPIC Lost for words gonna be ground breaking best RPG ever.

d0nT wOrrY3192d ago

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