HookedGamers preview: Final Fantasy XIII

HookedGamers writes: "With 13 main games, various re-releases, spin-offs, and even spin-offs of spin-offs, Final Fantasy has become one of the most popular series in gaming. When Square-Enix moved Final Fantasy VII from the Nintendo 64 to the Playstation One, it marked the beginning of the end for Nintendo's domination of the videogame market for several years while also establishing the PS1 as a strong console. The irony was palpable when the announcement came that Final Fantasy XIII, the first installment on a current-gen console, would also be coming to the Xbox 360. But that doesn't change the fact that Final Fantasy XIII is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year, PS3-exclusive or otherwise."

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BldyShdw3197d ago

that this game is good. Demons Souls woke up the sleeping RPG nerd inside of me. Still, even if it isnt amazing (hope it is) we still get Verses XIII. Well, some of us will lol.

StanRaimondi3196d ago

same here im hoping its good to ive been waiting for so long for this game and dude your words are so true about demons souls for a long time i was hoping for a good rpg on the ps3 and here comes DEMONS SOULS and man what a game i hope to god the other rpgs coming out including ff 13 and vs is as good if not better