Dante's Inferno Animated Movie to Premiere in February

Electronic Arts and Sci-Fi London has today announced that the UK premiere of the brand new animated movie – Dante's Inferno - which has been produced to coincide with the release of the Electronic Arts game, will take place on February 2nd 2010, as part of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy film festival.

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The Meerkat3246d ago


The Deadspace movie was quite good.

kevco333246d ago

I never actually got to see the Dead Space movie, but I'm tempted to go along and see this.

BTW, loving the avatar :simples!:

taliesin3246d ago

i got the dead space movie with the game, am a big fan of anime anyway and it was generally a good film and helped add to the overall game content by providing a background story. Hopefully this will do the same for DI. That said i have played the demo and although i loved the style and artwork i was not very keen on the controls, in particular the right thumb stick, hopefully this wont spoil the game for me, time will tell

Kurisu3246d ago

...I actually enjoyed the Dantes Inferno demo more so than the GoW III demo :/ I wasn't expecting that at all. This animated film will probably be really good, too.