Gamecock's Booth Babes, Sony Blamed for Gun Crime and a PS3 Stabbing - Gameplayer's Quotes of the Week 18/06/07

Notable quotables from the week that was in Gameplayer's regular roundup of the bizarre statements made by members of the games industry. This week that includes Gamecock courting booth babes, Tony Blair blaming Sony for gun crime and a PS3 thief getting stabbed!

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uHuRu4773d ago

Sony funds terrorism, kills children, steals, causes cancer and spreads aids. happy?

Babylonian4773d ago

You forgot killing the Dinosaurs, starting WW I and II, causing the war in Iraq, being the main reason for global warming and eventually wiping out humanity.

Diselage4773d ago

And cooperating with the aliens to assassinate JFK and Lincoln.

tehcellownu4773d ago

sony need to really do a price drop..people gettin crazy and killin strangers for one..

closedxxx4773d ago

When it rains it poors.
I'm not thrilled with SONY's PR as of late.
Especially with the super-slick CG trailers that were touted as "realistic representations of what the PS3 will be capable of when the hardware is final" a couple of E3s ago.
I also don't appreciate them forcing a Blu-Ray movie player (and Blu Ray player price) into my living room when I bought my next-gen Playstation.
But they are still a good company, and the PS2 is home to some of the greatest games ever made.

It's just become hip to bash SONY.
Not just that, but with their poor sales of late, they have become the whipping boy for the "Downfall of videogames".

Lets not even get into the claims that "Videogames turn our children into killers"... We all know that's a cop out