Diablo The Movie by Legendary Pictures Confirmed

Few weeks ago, a rumor circulated the net that Gary Whitta would be working with Legendary Pictures to develop a Diablo film. The participation of Gary Whitta hasn't been confirmed, but surprise-surprise. Legendary Pictures website is listing Diablo under the "In Development" section.

It comes to attention, this media-slip comes within a month and a half of BlizzCon 2007. The rumor and hype is a Diablo game will be announced at the Anaheim Convention Center in August 3-4.

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iceice1234735d ago

Blizzcon 07, has to be!

SuperSaiyan44734d ago

I cant wait for this!! If its on PC only then console games are gonna have to wait!

MK_Red4734d ago

This news is actually about Diablo movie NOT Diablo 3 game. Anyway, awesome news, cant wait for seeing Baal and Diablo on big screen.

sfinXters4734d ago

Diablo? Boring!

I'm waiting for The Sims: The Movie.

lilgringo4734d ago

Yeah who needs Diablo when we got The Sims: The Movie? I can just imagine the dialogues:
-shlaa bla ha la blahala?
-Blasha kata lola bahalala!
... yeah that'd be sweet.
I hope they doesn't only base the movie on the original game but also the expansions, like expansion #532 "dogs, cats and who cares what it is, you stupid f"#¤s will buy it anyway". Where the family decides to get a dog halfway trough the movie, but they already own a cat so that could get really fun, you know, the dog chases the cat. I'll probably lol when i see that.
Just think of all the possibilities!