Quake Wars: First Beta Footage

Activision revealed that next week it is going to launch a Public Beta with 60,000 slots available. The Public Beta build will consist of a single map named "Sewer", which is part of ETQW's Pacific Campaign. Set in Japan, the map revolves around a Strogg base hidden in, well, a sewer. It's an interesting mix of outdoor and indoor, vehicle and infantry combat, deployables and counter-deployables and good old-fashioned FPS combat.

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Mishmash194233d ago

well that video was cool....

Mecha1054233d ago

dude that footage was freaking EPIC!!!!!!

God of Gaming4233d ago

ummmm ok. So the menu's have epic music. Thats about all you get from this video

THAMMER14232d ago

They now how to hype a beta. 0_o