PlayStation Network : Bonus Round Episode 6: Part 2

PlayStation Network Director, Eric Lempel, takes us through the the PS3's online service and how it compares to Xbox Live.

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TheMART4734d ago

A promise to build in cross gaming invites, messages or real time chat, but for sure not in the next update?

Damn, you can't do those things in the PSN network? That sucks! When you play a game and a friend is playing something else, they can't invite you to play with you.

ANd it won't be on PSN anytime soon. Jees. That is really a bummer. Didn't Sony promise to equal XBL @ their launch last year November?

They clearly overpromise & underdeliver again. 'Yeah we want to do all these great things, yeah its going to happen, yeah somewhere in the future yeah...' SURE

CrazzyMan4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

ps3 owners are not complaing, and you are, why? =)))))

btw, don`t you feel HOMEless? =)))

p.s. anyone to help return my 4th bubble back? thnx. =)

Shadow Flare4734d ago

fool, i think you were one of the people who thought PSN was gonna turn out like ps2 online weren't you?

The MAIN features are there on PSN and are ready to be expanded on:
-Solid online gaming
-Store to buy additional content
-Friends list
-Voice chat

They have to fix a few things sure. Its not hard to add a unified friends list and achievements and thats exactly what Eric Lempel said they were working on. The PSN has improved a whole bunch since when it launched.

I think you're forgeting that Microsoft is a software based company. For xbox live which has been up and running since the first xbox, you'd think they'd have it sussed by now. Sony is a hardware based company, and they've made a hell of a system already. For free.

So shut your yap, they said they're working on those things you care so much about and they will come. And then you'll find something else to yammer on about. Oh yeah, i can't wait for Home and LittleBigPlanet. But im sure you hate them both for no good resaon, just because they're sony property

PS3 is still in its infancy, and its a wicked machine

Get back in that closet mart, and admire the picture i've found of you

hurricane224734d ago

absolutely denying user-generated content, a marketplace that only caters to buyers of the premium or elite models (sorry core 360 owners), AND making them pay for online gaming?? That sucks!

When you want to play your buddies online but can't because the ethernet cable doesn't reach the 360 and you can't afford the wi-fi attachment at that time. But hey, look on the bright side, you could save up for one while your Xbox is being repaired for that wonderful red light-show. Sorry... I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories.

felidae4733d ago

bla bla bla bla bla ...

oh dude, i feel so sorry for u!

lolol .. theMART ... lololol

MaximusPrime4733d ago

could someone help me here? im looking for "ignore" member icon.

Im getting tiring of hearing that B*******, theMart.

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trane074734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Every damn day its something with you and its so damn annoying. Why can't ps3 users look at news without some xfool who wants to rub it in their face when It comes to what they don't have and every time we get informed of something, someone has to troll whether it be good or bad news? Its not that serious.

So far ANYTHING that even pertains to sony, you want to twist it as a negative and truthfully its not that serious. Its nothing but fanboy bull. If I didnt like a company or the system it had to offer I wouldn't waste my time in the ps3 area, yet you do. All the goddamn time and for no good reason. Fanboys today are something else.

Does trolling give you a hard-on or something?

Kleptic4734d ago

Mart said something? hahaha I finally got around to ignoring that tool, but by your posts it looks like he was first to this thread...

he is great...being that he doesn't own a PS3, he sure can complain like a 5 year old girl better than most...someone fill me in...I bet I can come close to summing up what he said without even reading his post...

something like "You guys still can't do this or that? Didn't Sony say this would be available at (insert mart's made up date)...when are you guys going to realize that service I pay for is awesome compared to your free peice of crap...."...

he definately has to finish his post with the unstoppably awesome skepticism that no matter what Sony is saying we, you know the owners that are the only people that should be concerned with a thread like this, will never see what we are being told...

Man he sucks...but sometimes I want to unblock his idiotness just to see if he has changed at all...

Antan4734d ago

Good interview. Relitively frank conversation, lots of respect for XBL which was nice for the Sony rep to say. Improvements on the way of course you would expect. PSN is behind XBL in certain areas but it does what it does very well. Im sure over the coming weeks/months the great things XBL do will see the light of day on PSN.

monoknacker4734d ago

If Psn can match the great service that xbox live offers for free this year then i think it would do Sony a world of good.

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