New Analyst Report Bodes Well for Xbox 360

According to a report just released by analyst's DFC Intelligence, Sony need to change what they are doing with the Playstation 3 if they are going to avoid coming in at third place in the next generation console stakes.

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well, thats what i have been saying for like, 3 months.

achira6513d ago

wait four months and everyone will forgot all these dumb analysts.

Marriot VP6513d ago

wait 4 months to get the real truth and actual power of the PS3.

360 = PS3

co_ray6513d ago

wait four months and everyone will forgot all these dumb analysts.

will forgot?? i dunno who talks like that, unless of course you are illiterate....why dont you stop worrying about POS3 and learn so grammar!!!

Bishop6513d ago

PS1 & PS2 had over 100 million consumers and even if they lose a few most PS1 & PS2 consumers are going to still buy a PS3 just to get many of the sequels that they will be missing on the 360.

Say's you6509d ago (Edited 6509d ago )

First they say 360 is doing well and now there doing bad and now they say there doing well,yeah right like in which country Japan highly doubt it wow these analys don't know what thier talking about anymore
I don't even think thier the real deal if there real analys and not these bogus crapy ones aleast they would stick to the real story if the 360 is doing well or not which in this case it isn't.


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rpad1d 3h ago

hopefully the Xena board has lots of yodeling sounds


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