Blockbuster to favor Blu-ray over HD DVD

Blockbuster Inc. will rent high-definition DVDs only in the Blu-ray format in 1,450 stores when it expands its high-def offerings next month, dealing a major blow to the rival HD DVD format.

The move, being announced Monday, could be the first step in resolving a format war that has kept confused consumers from rushing to buy new DVD players until they can determine which format will dominate the market.

Blockbuster has been renting both Blu-ray and HD DVD titles in 250 stores since late last year and found that consumers were choosing Blu-ray titles more than 70 percent of the time.

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SafeRat4733d ago

Blu-ray all the way! lol

kingofps34733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

This is excellent news for the Blu-ray Disc Association. From the backing that Blockbuster Inc. will be providing Sony and the Blu-ray Disc Association by renting out high-definition DVDs in the Blu-ray format in 1,450 stores from next month onwards is certainly a major blow to the HD DVD format and Toshiba.

I think it is now very likely that you are going to see a Xbox 360 external Blu-ray disc drive come E308 for $199.

"The North American HD DVD Promotional Group said Blockbuster's decision was shortsighted and skewed by the success of films released by Blu-ray studios in the first three months of the year." Seriously, how much more beating do you want?

@Ken Graffeo (co-president of the HD DVD group)
Suck it up man.

Phantom_Lee4733d ago

Good for blue ray....but I really hope this wont be another 500% flame war...

Xi4733d ago

you mean the company that edits some of their films to support a specific religious agenda?

BitbyDeath4733d ago

Edit Films?

Blockbuster is a store where you go to rent movies and games from

Bonsai12144733d ago

be insecure with yourself.. its alright :-)

but yeah, this is great. i've been waiting for this to happen for a while. cause most times, unless the movie is really really good, i won't watch it again for a while. so a rental is ideal for me.

Xi4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

how blockbuster(the video store) was caught using edited versions of films which pushed a specific religous agenda. They denied it though. got parodied on shows like family guy (lackluster video).

BitbyDeath4733d ago

It's already like that in Australia.

Altho they don't have many Blu-ray titles on shelves yet, generally about 5 or so. But still better than nothing.