Wii To The Rescue

Matt Clark has posted this wonderful photo to his Flickr photostream that is sure to warm the heart of even the most embittered gamer. Matt's brother Stephen was born with Cerebral Palsy and can neither walk or talk.

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sMoKe4736d ago

this is a lovely story and picture god bless the kid but this is the kind of story you cant report if u do u ar sick so just approve it so every one can feel the warm and fussy glow of looking at this kid having a good time Nice story mate made my day Thanks

5* story here

MK_Red4736d ago

Its nice to see the kid in joy and happiness. Its gaming put in good use. For the first time in months, I feel some love for Wii.

Shaka2K64736d ago

Hahahahaha stupid nintendo fanboys needs some games to keep them ocupied for realz.

tonsoffun4736d ago

You are such a jackass.

For once this was a feel good stoy that didn't have to be spoiled by fanboy nonesense. Thank goodness you only have one bubble and can only pollute this once great site once per story.

texism4736d ago

Oh my God WTF is wrong with you? Why do fanboys ALWAYS have to ruin everything? Why don't you just go die somewhere? I don't think anyone will miss you

tonsoffun4736d ago

But I agree with everyone else - it is a nice feelgood story and I wish the best to the child and his family.

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