Sony pulls the plug on Connect, refocuses on PlayStation

The Sony Connect experiment is about get, well, disconnected: it will be winding down its music and video services in the next couple of months, and focus on servicing the Playstation group on the technical needs, has learned and confirmed.

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Lord Anubis4237d ago

strange there hasn't been an announcement.

Diselage4237d ago

I could've swore i saw this earlier today.

trane074237d ago

Stop focusing on that other junk and focus on playstation 3

Premonition4237d ago

Kinda sad but, Its good that they are now focusing more on the gaming side, and hopefully this will help out PS3 in the near future with great content.

StupidTeenagersMust-4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

what truly matters. The Connect service obviously can't compete against iTunes, so I think it's better to let that service go instead of spending millions trying to salvage it. Stringer talked about this for a while, and he's boosting support for markets where Sony is either dominant or near-dominant, while eliminating support in areas where the company doesn't need to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.