Wii's Graphics - What's All The Fuss About?

"It's about as powerful as the original Xbox. The video hardware unfortunately is not as powerful. There's just a couple of key things that you can do on Xbox like shaders which you just cannot do on the Wii." - Tim Tschirner in a recent interview with Eurogamer for the Wii version of FIFA 08

Of course, this fairly innocuous statement about Wii's visual capabilities caused half the internet to blow up.

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Dr Pepper4798d ago

I like gameplay, but that gameplay is enhanced when you get amazing graphics/visuals to go along with it. Both are very important.

Xi4798d ago

good graphics makes the came more immersing. The more captivating the visuals the more you can get into the game.

Diselage4798d ago

The visuals of the Wii though are enough to get most people by for the most part, it's not like it's n64 here where you think your eyes are going to bleed from the graphics.

Xi4798d ago

but the strength of a system isn't just dependent on the graphics, but graphics can offer new challenges, and gameplay, usually, it means the the system in a whole can't do as much. Half life 2 for example, many of the problem solving in the game was dependent on the physics engine, and with the wii, some of those features may not be present. Look at a game like hydrophobic, the water calculations and puzzles that require the water probably can't be done on the wii. So to me, the wii will take away from what some games could be.

Marceles4798d ago

I got a bunch of disagrees on the last article about this and one guy said the new Metroid couldn't be played on Xbox 1 which i still don't believe it true...but i guess they were alot of Wii fanboys. But I agree with Diselage...the gameplay is most important as long as the graphics aren't hideous

ChickeyCantor4798d ago

There are things the Ati GPU can do which cant be done on the Nvidia and there are things the Nvidia GPU in the xbox1 can do which cant be done by the ATI inside the Wii.

Shaka2K64798d ago

Not as powerfull as the xbox but they still charge $250 for that junk with not decent online play.


original seed4798d ago

just thought id let you know.

M_Prime4798d ago

i was gonna give u a BUBBLE but then i read ur comment..

Dude.. online is coming.. and u make the $250 sound like a BAD THING.. i'm sure that if the PS3 was $250 then the WII would be dead in the water.. but its not so the pricepoint is a very good reason to buy the wii.. even without HD graphics.. but then again it has a cool wand

Odiah4798d ago

I have my imagination!


StateofMind4798d ago

Come on guys it doesn't matter. The Wii may not live up to last-gen technology, have online play, or a decent software lineup...but it does have a new controller! This obviously makes it the funnest console ever made.

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