Madden 08 Video Interview

The addition of player icons will allow some players to make amazing one handed catches, shut down big play receivers, or turn the quarterback into a crash test dummy, while others will inevitably have deep rooted splinters in their butts from riding the bench. Throw in new breakaway animations, and a heap of bling bling and maybe this IS the year.

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Diselage4728d ago

This year version better be better than the 07 version or i think people are really going to start dropping off the franchise and sales are going to go way down.

donscrillinger4728d ago

i'm still tripping on where are the refs on the field the side line refs and the line of scrim how is it they have forgotten this 3years in a row .my only thought is that the gameplay was so far off it took them an whole year just to get that part of the game they might of forgot it for another year .thats really lame E.A step it up cuz 2k8 has all of these things i wrote about plus some .. for anybody that doesnt think so just look at all the pics of 2k8 and you will see all of these things but i haven't seen not one ref on the field in an madden 08 pic no where .but this game has the nfl teams in it

Maddens Raiders4727d ago

....yeah 2K8 is coming on at a good clip, but until they get all the licenses and real players, et al....Madden is where it's @.

Let's play some John Madden Football.