Feelings of depression? Nuke 'em!

You think you may be suffering from depression and visit a psychiatrist to have your condition assessed.

Rather than being given a form to complete, or asked a series of probing questions about dreams and your relationship with your mother, you are instead kitted out with a rocket launcher, ray gun, jet-pack and night vision goggles and sent forth to do battle against marauding aliens, the level of skill you bring to your mission determining the severity of your illness.

It sounds like a slightly surreal, bad-taste comedy sketch. According to a team at the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, Maryland, however, a video-game based on the above scenario could provide crucial clues not only in diagnosing depression, but also in gauging the severity of that depression.

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Diselage4735d ago

So if we have a bunch of therapist that start recommending this, our violent crime will go down?

occamsrazor4734d ago

Still better than electro shock therapy though, and they actually thought that that worked for a couple of decades...