The Breasts That Broke The Game

The ESRB's decision incensed industry insiders, perplexed onlookers and gave politicians a jumping-off point for continued assaults on the industry's integrity. Looking back, there's a reason the incident didn't make bigger headlines: The news dropped in May, just a week before the last real E3 event, and there were bigger stories to cover that month. But with player-centric content vehicles like LittleBigPlanet and PlayStation Home on this year's docket, last year's ESRB decision may prove to be the gift that keeps on giving for an already beleaguered industry.

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nice_cuppa4230d ago

50% of the population see and touch breast's every day.
and 49% of the rest would like to or don't care.

this 1% has to stfu and stop trying to ruin other peoples fun.

get a hobby.
start having fun and you might not feel the need to ruin other fun.

Diselage4230d ago

I submit an answer of TRUE. Honestly if my kid sees a boob they see a boob, pretty much the only people who care are parents who think booby's are bad and old people who also think boobies are bad.

dissectionalrr4230d ago

this is why there are so many disgusting homosexuals in the world today. we teach our kids growing up that girl boobs are bad and boy boobs are ok. it's sick. america may be the land of the free, but it's about as backward as it gets when it comes to sexuality. blame the republicans.

Kaneda4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

mmmmmmm ... breasts...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Diselage4230d ago

Can we grow up just a wee little bit around here, Geez.

Oh looks BOOBS!!!

AngryTypingGuy4230d ago

We live in a society where you have to apologize if something offends somebody, no matter how ridiculous, and often times it doesn't do any good anyway. Look at what happened to Don Imus. His "nappy headed hos" comment was tame compared to what those girls listen to on their Ipod's everyday, guaranteed. Plus, it was funny.

The media and politicians make me sick. It's ok to show dead bodies lying on the side of a road in Baghdad, but God forbid, don't show a boobie. Our children may become scarred for life, or psycho-killers.

Diselage4230d ago

I do not support double standards! All boobs are equal and showed be shown as such!

Macdory4230d ago

Political Correctness gone fooking mad ...

Since when have the minority had the right to dictate to the majority ...

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The story is too old to be commented.