Demographic Advocates

It recently occurred to David Edery that video game publishers might be well served by having an internal advocate for different demographic groups.

The idea came to mind when David Edery was thinking about Marble Blast Ultra. David Edery has heard it said on more than one occasion that "if Marble Blast Ultra included a sandbox mode in which there were no penalties, no timers, etc, it would be a perfect kid's game." Conversely, when playing Pokemon Diamond, David Edery often thought "if only there were a way to speed up the rather slow and repetitive feeling of battles (among other related issues), this game might have some chance of appealing to more adults."

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Ru4728d ago

Who is David Ederty?
Turns out this a guy that knows his stuff

Diselage4728d ago

Yeah he's pretty big in the XBLA scene i guess, but what he says makes sense. To be honest i thought game companies did have demographers hired on at least in a consultant capacity.